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Saturday, December 21, 2013


It is known that many species of fauna and flora are shared in detail by the Gorean Saga and if your not familiar with the gorean world, let's say that many of these species are consider hybrids of earth species as in appearance and function they are most of the times very similar. As i begin to snap these pictures it came to my head "Hey, so what the gorean birds? How many kinds can we find?" so here's a good answer! You can find a very good pack of information at Gorean Info Website and one of them is a long list of birds described by Norman.
I most identified the little birdy i'm holding with the Tanager, a brightly plumaged bird in the rainforests near Schendi, from the bird family Thraupidae, in the order Passeriformes and very popular in North America.

The bright green from my little Tanager made a perfect contrast with the dress and jewelry I'm using in the other side this simple and pretty dress from Tiar made a great combination with the fancy jewelry from The Forge, Aisling and May's Soul. Peak below for the credits!

Hair from Tameless (Group Gift)

"Eyelashes Natural Red" from Musa (140L - We <3 Roleplay. Includes Black, Brown, Grey, Lake, Moss, Navy, Purple and Red Eyelashes)

"Eyeshadow Mono2 Red" from Musa (140L - We <3 Roleplay. Includes Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Pink, Purple, Red and Yellow Eyeshadow)

"Mystic Chain" from May's Soul (60L - Gacha Machine)
"Sionnach Circlet" from Aisling (375L. Includes Texture HUD with 40 Textures for The Stones, 8 Textures for the Diamonds, 5 Textures for the 3 Different Metal Parts)
"Colure Ring" from The Forge (Jewelry & Accessory Expo. Includes Colure Ring Slink Gexture L Index, Colure Ring Slink Gexture R Index, Colure Ring Slink Gesture L Ring Finger, Colure Ring Slink Gesture R Ring Finger and Texture HUD)
"Pocketwatch Necklace"  from The Forge (100L - Genre Event. Includes Mesh Necklace. Available in Silver, Black, Copper, Gold and Worn Bronze)

"Wench" Dress from Tiar (99L - Includes Mesh Dress in 4 Sizes and Alpha Layer. Available in Red, Brown, Brown Burlap, Green, Red Green and White Burlap)
SLink Nail Appliers from By Snow (Subscriber Gift) 

"In the second level, that of the canopies, is found an incredible variety of birds, warblers, finches, mindars, the crested lit and the common lit, the fruit tindel, the yellow gim, tanagers, some varieties of parrot, and many more."
 Explorer of Gor, Pg 131

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