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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas Roleplay Nerds

This is it folks! The Good Gorean is going to be away for some baking, hosting and drinking and i'm sure most of you will too. Before i go mia for a few days i put together more gifts and even i went high heel crazy..imagine that!
Advent 2013 continues to run till tonight so soon all the free gifts of the holidays will be gone till next year. If you find yourself wandering around SL, stop by at Calico Hair where fun hairs can be found under the tree for 0L available for male and female. Tameless Hair is offering a very decent mesh hair for all the group members and under no group fee you can get completely free of charge.
Inspiration Point Christmas Hunt is a hunt i tottaly advise to do BUT you might struggle with a ton of lag and a somewhat changeling hunt to do. The hunt gifts are great so if you have spare time in hands go for it!
In most of these events you can find Holidays gifts for free as well and the 30L Saturday Team organized a Xmas hunt! You can check previews, hints and landmarks all HERE! And finally...Kahli Designs is having an amazing sale instore. All the price tags were slashed to 50% off retail so rush rush there, you have only till Dec 26th!

Hair from Exxess (Free)

 Winter Coat from NS (Group Gift)

Belt from Edelweiss (Free - Marketplace)

Poses and Candy Canes from Label Motion (Subscriber Gift)

SLink Nail HUD from Adoness (1L - Xmas Hunt)

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