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Saturday, December 28, 2013

First Slave

There is some debate about if the term "First Girl" is the most proper one to use, some say that "First Slave" is the correct terminology to address the slave in charge to oversee other usually younger or less experienced girls. Either ways, a first girl has to dress properly according to such responsibility and nothing better then to dress Enfant Terrible creations and the just the right accessory. The dress below just shouts sexy and "drag me around, Master", another great work by Miss Terrible!
Yesterday i stumbled upon Avenue Maganize website, a SL fashion magazine this is, and after a lot of page flipping i spotted a very nice and different shrug. I believe this shrug is partial mesh but OH SO PRETTY! The price tag might be a little high but you have tons of ways to use it and addons and a lot of colors to choose from. Hit the credits to grab the landmarks!

Hair from ploom (100L - Christmas Special)

"Phyllidas Gown" from Enfant Terrible (250L - SL Fashion Week Event. Includes Mesh Gown in 5 Sizes, Mesh R and L Sleeves and 5 Sizes, Mesh Optional Top in 5 Sizes and Alpha Layers. Available in Ice, Black, Red and Red Black)

"Beast Shrug" from LWL (585L)

". . . in a group of female slaves, for example, in a pleasure gardens, a fortress or a tavern, there will usually be a girl appointed First Girl. Indeed, if there is a large number of slaves, there are sometimes hierarchies of "first girls," lower-level first girls reporting to higher-level first girls, and so on. The lower-level slaves will commonly address their first girl as "Mistress."
Magicians of Gor, Pg  123
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