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Sunday, December 1, 2013


Skin and Shape from My Ugly Dorothy (Free - Korean Community Center)

Eyes from By Snow (Free)

Hair from Catwa (350L)

Black Corset from Plastik (269L) 

Brown Corset from Oh! (250L)

"Oberon Jacket" from The Library

Pants from The Muses (395L - Part of "Rainha" Outfit)

Boots from Kahli Designs (499L - Part of "Warden Of The Woods" Outfit. Includes Mesh Tunic in 5 Sizes, Mesh Boots in 5 Sizes, Mesh Pants in 5 Sizes and Mesh Belt and 5 Sizes. Fatpack Available for 2000L)

"Hawk Bracers" from The Forge (250L - The Fantasy Collective. Includes Mesh Left and Right Bracers)

"Pride's Resolve" Shield from Stitched Gods (300L - The Fantasy Collective. Available In 3 Colors And 2 Versions Of Each Color)

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