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Friday, November 29, 2013

Towels and Sponges

Prepare yourself for a round of exquisite home decor as you scroll down to Aisling new releases. A big part of the role players in second life already embraced this store and i mean..who wouldn't? Every single piece of furniture and decor made at the Aisling factory is yet more stunning and realistic then ever. I know for a fact that Aisling creators have been working in this bathroom set for few months and now that is finally is done i can say "Holy sh*t, well done!"
The stone bath and couch have a great number of animations that in the future i will try to show a little bit of the functional side of these pieces but for now i committed myself to offer you a general glance of it all including some of the textures you can find in the Texture HUD (little squares on the corners of the pictures) and some of the Aisling freebies available in Store. You must have this!

"Wall Torch" from Aisling (Free)

"Rug" from Aisling (Free)

"StoneBath Set" from Aisling (850L. Includes Mesh StoneBath with PG and Adult Versions, Wash Basin, Golden Pot and Texture HUD 75 Animations Total from Bath, Sit, Couple, Sex, Fun and Undress. 2 Different Water Style, Water Tap, Sisal Towel and Sponge Giver Props. 8 Prims Total: 3 L.I. Bath/Bathstand, 2 L.I. Wash Basin and 1 L.I. for Golden Pot. Material Ready)

"Grid Couch" from Aisling (450L for PG Version or 950L for Adult Version. Includes Mesh Grid Couch, Texture HUD and Prop Giver with Original Cuffs for the Chained Props. PG Version includes Sit and Sleeps Animations, Adult Version includes Single=Sits/Sleeps, Couple=Cuddles/Sex, Chained=Solo/Sex, Slave with Multiples Poses like Tower/Nadu attitudes and much more. Extra Boing and Fight Animations. 3 L.I. to 4 L.I.)

"Celtigar Screen" from Aisling (200L. Includes Mesh Screen with Easy Rotation Panel and Texture HUD. 6 L.I. to 3 L.I. after deleting scripts)

"She carried, folded, several large, colored, soft towels, with two sponges, and oils, for the bath. On the towels, too, were certain other articles. Among them was, opened, the rounded steel loop she had worn about her neck (strigil), earlier. It, with its key, lay on the top towel. It had been removed from her for she was to assist me in the bath." 
Rogue of Gor
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