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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Snow Wishes

I hope you had a wonderful time in this Halloween but even heading to the most cold months of the year the smell of fall is still around..specially if you got backyard caked in leaves. Put your rack away and begin your shopping on the next locations (new fashion events that just started!): Enchantment, Structure Your Skin, Fashion Wardrobe and Kustom9. If your in the mood for hunts try The Dirty Pillows Hunt, Glam Resorts Hunt or The Dirty Turkey Hunt for fantastic prizes. Swing by at Genre too to grab a copy of great Aisling original mesh items available in this location. Here's what you can get for just fewer Lindens!

"Sonja House" from Aisling (750L. 30 to 35 L.I., 1 Floor Plan with 3 Rooms 15x20x10, 2 different exterior wall patterns: Clean or Ivy, Kool Doors System Friendly, Chain&Ivy Add-on)

"Wishing Well" from Aisling (350L - Enchantment Event. Includes Wishing Well Full with No Animations, Wishing Well With Petals and No Animations, Wishing Well with Petals, Wishing Well with Animations, Wishing Well "Half" with No Animations, Wishing Well "Half" with Petals, Wishing Well "Half" with Petals and Animations. Wishing Well Full and Wishing Well Half Versions. Snow Bird, Multiple Birds Add-ons and Petal Emitter. Copy Permission for the Fountain and Copy/Mod for the Birds)

Pumpkins and Rose Bushes from Aisling (Free!)

"Edward's Table"  Aisling (100L - Genre Event. Includes Table and Candles in Regular and Phantom versions. Moon and Sun Models Available.)

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