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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Marsh Tharlarion

I'm sure that at some point of your gorean life you ever questioned yourself and compared about the fauna and flora of Gor vs Earth. Did you ever wondered if there is alligators, caymans or crocodiles in gor? Answer is no BUT there are animals that are close enough to this family of reptiles. The gorean alligators are called Marsh Tharlarion, a species genetically adapted to survive under the gorean atmosphere. So if Marsh Tharlarion are thriving so what goreans would do with these animals? Number one: Hunt them and use them to create clothing!
On A Lark is presenting us during today's 25L Tuesday sale a sexy camisk made of Tharlarion skin plus you can find a beautiful Lotus Bowl and a free gift in store. The PLAGUE MASK is free for the day, for those who wear the 25 Linden Tuesday Trick or Treat Bucket.

Speaking of gifts, if you visit Alice Project you can get for free this hair im wearing on the pictures below or swing by Calico Creations and hunt all the little pumpkins spreaded out in the store! Great hair with fun colors, just perfect for Halloween!

To add to this cocktail of awesomeness, The Forge/EZ Weaponry is currently releasing new weapons and accessories for all gorean plus you will be amazed when you find out what GSpot has available for the next round of We <3 Roleplay! Ok, you dont have to wait that long i got the preview right here, check it out!

Hair from Alice Project (Free)

"Allie" from On A Lark (25L - 25L Tuesday Event. Includes Mesh Camisk in 7 Sizes, Ankle Cuffs, Wrist Cuffs and Alpha Layers. Available in Berry, Black, Blossom, Coal, Eggplant, Fern, Harvest, Snow and Steel)

"Posture Collar" from The Forge (399L. Includes Mesh Rigged Collar in 3 Sizes with 2 Types of Head and Neck lock gestures, Cosmetic Version Mesh Rigged Collar in 3 Sizes and Neck Alpha Layer)

"Sahara Face Chain" from May's Soul (25L - 25L Tuesday Event. Includes Mesh Chain and available in Black, Bronze, Gold and Silver)

"Dyonisos Bride" from GSpot (Coming Soon - We <3 Roleplay Event. Includes Mesh Crown, Left Bracer and Right Bracer. Available in Black, Autumn, Violet, Creme and Silver)

"Bacurd Mace" from EZ Weaponry (600L. Includes Mace Novo 2.03, Sheath Back, Sheath Hip, Bacurd Whire Shield, Bacurd Black Shield, Novo2 HUD and Unarmed Fist Fighter. With 40% and 35% Damage)

"Inhabitants of the marshes that comprise the delta of the Vosk; similar to a crocodile in some ways.
In the pool, clambering over one another, lifting their jaws upward were crocodiles, beasts like river tharlarion but differently hided and plated.
I nodded. The marsh tharlarion, and river tharlarion, of Gor are, I suspect, genetically different from the alligators, caymens, and crocodiles of Earth. I suspect this to be the case because these Earth reptiles are so well adapted to their environments that they have changed very little in tens of millions of years. The marsh and river tharlarion, accordingly, if descended from such beasts, brought long ago to Gor on Voyages of Acquisition by Priest-Kings, would presumably resemble them more closely. On the other hand, of course, I may be mistaken in this matter. It remains my speculation, however, that the resemblance between these forms of beasts, which are considerable, particularly in bodily configuration and disposition, may be accounted for by convergent evolution"
Explorers of Gor, page 326
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