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Monday, September 2, 2013

Xena, The Warrior Sl*t

We are officially stepping into the beginning of September and The Outlet Sales Room, Designer Showcase, Acid Lilly Gallery, Structure Your Skin, Perfect Wardrobe, The Kollective, Designer Circle, Woodland Treasures Gacha, Dressing Room Fusion, SL Fashion Week, The Arcade, sOhO Market, Poser Pavillion, The Boobies Show, FaMeshed, Room69, Fat Pack Week, The 24 and Limited Bazaar are bursting out with great deals on the most recent releases in the fashion world.
Savoir Faire Shapes is turning 5 years old and to celebrate that, an amazing discount of 50% off can be found store wide. Exposeur is another place to add to your check list offering as well a 50% off sale. If your into the building side of SL, Treasured Cove is hosting another great sale on meshes, sculpts and textures! Finally...swing by at MichaMi, The Nest and Spyralle for more great discounts on clothing and accessories.

Another edition of The Medieval Fantasy Hunt started yesterday! Take advantage of the hunt to restock your inventory with tons of gorean/medieval furniture and clothing. A preview of the prizes is available HERE to help you pick what you want. Another round of the We <3 Role-Play is about to start very veryyy soon so stay tuned on the following days for previews!

Today i pimped out my doll, Xena The Princess Warrior style..but in this case..she is showing more boobs and leg then she should (shame on me!, screw it, i wanna show my boobs). On A Lark, The Forge and May's Soul completed each other as i played around with all the beautiful meshes and i can't say how much i thank each one of the designers to share all of this with their bloggers. Love Yall! ❤ All the items below are brand new releases so run and get them all!

Skin from Al Vulo! (Group Gift)

Hair from Emo-Tions (Group Gift)

"Crow Collar" from May's Soul (70L - Gorean Room Event. Includes Crow Collar in Black and White) 

"Strapped" from On A Lark (100L - The Outlet Sales Room Event. Includes Mesh Harness in 5 Sizes and Mesh Arm warmers in 5 Sizes in Black/Silver and Black/Gold. Available in 4 Colors)

"Daerwen Armour - Black" from The Forge (350L. Includes Copper Left Bracer, Right Bracer, Chest Belt, Left Pauldron, Right Pauldron, Upper Arm Left and Upper Arm Right. Boots package Includes Boots and Alpha Layer. Male Version Available)

"Daerwen Boots - Black" from The Forge (350L. Includes Boots and Alpha Layer. Male Version Available)

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