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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Plucked Like Flowers

Hair from Truth (250L)

Necklace from Pure Poison (Subscriber Gift)

"Diana Corset and Gloves" from The Muses (255L - We <3 Role-Play. Includes Mesh Corset in 7 Sizes and Mesh Gloves in 7 Sizes)

Vest from Tentacio (100L)

Unshirt from Gor Gurls

Belt from +Mabinogion+ (74L)

Pants from Ricielli (Past Hunt Gift)

"There is a Gorean saying that free women, raised gently in the high cylinders, in their robes of concealment, unarmed, untrained in weapons, may, by the slaver, be plucked like flowers. There is no such saying pertaining to panther girls." 
Hunters of Gor, Pg 118
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