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Thursday, September 5, 2013

My Lil Rustic House

We asked for it, we got it!
More mesh housing is out and about in the fantasy market and gladly i saw Dysfunctional Designs putting a great version of cottages specially for the We <3 Role-Play event and this means with a awesome discount.

The package of houses will cost you 657L and you will get three different models so let me give you a walk thru on what you can expect on each one of them.
Model 1 contains two floors, Model 2 is the simplest house on the package only with one open floor and the Model 3 is a "L" shaped house with plenty of room for your naughty furniture.
The few add-ons in the pictures can be found in Dysfunctional Designs Mainstore as well but the "Wall Candles" pack is available at the event with a discounted price tag.

"Lil' Rustic Houses - 3 Pack" from Dysfunctional Designs  (657L - We <3 Role-Play. Includes 3 Mesh Houses. Small - 8.5m x 11m; Medium - 8.5m x 1405m and Large - 12.5m x 17.5m. AO and UV Maps Included, Kool Door Ready, 4-9 Prims Each, Doors Scripted and 100% Original Mesh)

"Wall Candle Arrangements" from Dysfunctional Designs (102L - We <3 Role-Play. Includes 3 Mesh Candle Arrangsments, 8 Textures by Menu, Adjustment to Glow, Kill Script Buttom, 1 Prim Each, Copy and Mod and 100 % Original Mesh)

"Rustic Sofa Swing" from Dysfunctional Designs (295L. Includes 5 Duo and 5 Single Animations, 4 Prims, Copy and Mod and 100 % Original Mesh. Swing Stand Optional, Hang from any Horizontal Surface, Cushion and Pillows Individually Tintable)

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