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Monday, September 9, 2013

Melee Monday

Most of you probably heard about "Melee Monday's" but if you don't know heres what the Gorean Evolved community decided to spice things up:

Every Monday from Midnight to Midnight  (SLT) is Melee Weapons Only

* No range weapons are allowed to be used

* All Melee will have reduced damage

* All sim rules remain the same

* Anyone caught using a range weapon will be asked to either remove the weapon or be asked to leave the battle.

The current sims hosting the Melee Monday's event are:

Blood Rebel Mercs - 0 0 Acacia
Village of Gardar - Desolate
Ruins Of Valoria - Tranquility Bay
Huscari Outlaws - Tathassa 
   Ar's Station Mercs - BAZI
 Jotnar Marauders - BELISSIMA
Ghost Marauders - Ghost Stronghold
 Black Desire Outlaws - Black Desire II

This was a great and fun idea and i hope we could see more of this kind of RP Tuesday? :P

Speaking of Tuesday, of course the 25L Tuesday had to come to this post! Super deals on awesome outfits, accessories and furniture can't never be forgotten. Freya is having this sexy slave gear for only 25L during tomorrow...heat up your wallets, the list is about to come anytime now!

"Xuxu" from Freya (25L - 25L Tuesday Event. Includes Mesh Camisk in 7 Sizes, Mesh Scarf. Mesh Belt and Armbelts. Available in Red, Black, Brown and Yellow)

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