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Friday, September 13, 2013

Gorean Herald

This post title might be funny but there is some exciting news for all the lovers of the Tangos. "Tango Mirage" are going to be released very soon with a bunch of add-ons that we so much waited for. First, the script count will be MUCH less, the looks of the mesh breasts itself will make you feel your wearing a push up bra (AWESOME!) and don't freak out because all the tangos appliers for skin, clothing, etc will be totally compatible with this new version.
The price will be the same as the original Tangos, 1750L! For more information and pictures about the new Tangos Mirage check Tango Clothing Group for a sneak peak!

The Twisted Hunt is proudly one of the hardest hunts in SL..i mean..for real! Forget about area search, wire framing and all that. The only way to get the items is the honest way but gladly some of the bloggers of urban fashion like SL Freebie Hunters share with us some of the prize previews making the hunters job much easier. This was my first experience with The Twisted Hunt and oh my god i was about to kill myself but in the end was a nice prize!

The Fantasy Gacha Carnival is about to start and Stitched Gods is once again offering sweet jewelry and shields for a ridiculous price tag. This will be A MUST stop on your teleporting travels!
The 30L Team is kicking off the First 30L RFL Fair in memory of Aaliyah Imari, beautiful and original creator who fought against cancer for the last time. In this Fair you will about 45 creators on the medieval/gorean field and what you purchase will be donated to the Relay For Life foundation.
With this i leave you a whole bunch of new cheap goodies, group gifts and new releases from  Stitched Gods, Dysfunctional Designs and May's Soul!

Hair from Tukinowaguma (Group Gift)

Dress from B!asta (Hunt Prize - The Twisted Hunt)

Bracelet from Kahli Designs (66L -  We <3 Role-Play Cheapie Area)

"Evelyn's Necklace" from The Forge (30L RFL Fair)

"Kaos Horns" from May's Soul (30L RFL Fair. Available in White or Black)

"Overgrown Plank Pathway" from Dysfunctional Designs (195L. Includes 7 Shapes: Bendy left, Bendy Right, Gentle Left, Gentle Right, Straight, Stronger Left, Stronger Right, Large and Small Sizes, Grass, Grass-Snowy, Woodpath Mossy, Woodpath Snowy Textures Includes. 1 Prim Each, Copy and Mod, Unscripted and 100% Original Mesh)

"Wreaths" from  Stitched Gods (Coming Soon - Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

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