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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Are Bloggers A Scam? No...

Today when i was browsing around the gorean blogs i noticed in one of them (and once again) the subject about blogging just to get free stuff came up in a post and everytime i read this always kind of "irks" me.

It is true that there are bloggers that take advantage of the creators offering the items to blog and cannot accomplished what they are suppose to do but others and i say MOST of the gorean bloggers take this hobbie seriously. The process of taking pictures and expose the information online is a form of advertisement and yes its a..let me call it "love labor", a job that most of us truly enjoy. A good blogger takes her/his time to create the picture environment, to write and how to expose the information about the product of the particular sponsor and always tries to expand this same information on other social media.

Just like in second life, real life works around the advertisement world. This means that a client PAYS for selling the product on a ad in a newspaper, tv, radio, etc etc and with this the client expects that the product can be sold in a growing rate. The person who prepares the ad takes the time to choose a picture, fountain, sizes, schedule the ad, etc..just like bloggers do with second life.

My point with this is: Not everybody is here to scam, we enjoy supporting the creators and we help selling for them and in exchange... we simply keep a copy of the item to blog. If this was applied to real life, we could be talking about thousands of dollars in advertisement.

A advice to all the store owners of second life that send items to blog is to simply keep track of your bloggers work and establish a verbal contract. Demand a notecard with the links where your product is mentioned or photographed, ask for your bloggers to at least blog and write about your store X times per month. Be wise and pick the bloggers that are listed in several feeds, that has Flickr, PinInterest, etc.

If you blogger do not have time to accept the expectations of your sponsors just be honest and say no. If you gave the first step asking for a copy of certain item to blog you already made the commitment to blog it with this action.

We are here to support the gorean creators and to reach the public with easier and faster information while we have a good time doing it and it's all.
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