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Sunday, September 15, 2013


The 30L RFL Fair is ending today so you have your last chance to make your donations and have great items for a very cheap price, however the
Fantasy Gacha Carnival this incoming October 1st so be prepared for more great things. Heads up once again for Stitched Gods gacha collection, not only the beautiful wreaths will pull your gambling addiction, these shields are another great item you can find on
Stitched Gods gacha machines.

Don't forget that SL Fashion Week, The Dressing Room Fusion, fi*Fridays, Feeb's Rascal, Fashion Stars, Collabor88, L'Acessories, Outlet Sales Room, and the most recent fashion events in sl: The Seasons Story and Marquis Market were recently open to the public.

Skin from VIPs Corner (Group Gift)

Hair from Tukinowaguma (Group Gift)

Face Piercing from Phoebe (Group Gift)

Pants from No Cabide (Group Gift)

"Celtic Body"  from May's Soul (30L RFL Fair. Includes Mesh Body Suit in Several Colors and 5 Sizes)

Chest Harness from The Forge (299L)

Armor Bracers from Bitch (299L)

Boots from Ju Weissnicht (450L)

 "Alfheim Crown *Legendary*" from  Stitched Gods (50L, Coming Soon - Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

"Shields" from  Stitched Gods (50L, Coming Soon - Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

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