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Thursday, August 1, 2013

The End of Bandages and Coins

Few days ago, a member of the GM Team sent out a notecard with a brief explanation on what the heck is all this buzz about a new update of the Gorean Meter. Seems a lot of changes will happen sometime soon so be prepared to adjust to this new chapter.

As i began to read Jara's note i had to agree that yes, the economy system in gor is once again broken. Many players has in their accounts a sh*t load of coins that was passed on due to what happened long time ago...for the ones that honestly build up their GM coins of course do not look at that situation with a happy smile plus some of them ended up losing their coin treasure caused by scripts problems. Yes, the GM system needs a repair but perhaps that's not what the GM Team has in mind.
The notecard itself wasn't clear maybe because final decisions weren't made just yet, but there's a high chance of Bandages and Coins system being finally terminated and gone from the gorean meter OR reset the system making all the players loose everything that has been stocked up in their inventories.

Truth is, all of us enjoy the Bandage feature in the meter and i believe the developers realize that so hopefully that will not be erased from the system. Jara mentioned about setting a Physician role that could be assigned in a Raiding Party giving this person the only one having powers to make and apply bandages. I am sure you have a lot of questions just like i do but everything is uncertain right now.

Our hope is that the GM Team continues developing and fixing the meter because personally i think they have done a great job regardless all the bad mouthing from a ton of admin's and sim owners. This system is free, simple to use and doesn't causes many headaches during a battle so you should appreciate the work the Gorean Meter makers put into this. If you have any cool ideas for the next update feel free to contact Jara and share them.

While we wait for future updates on this topic, lets enjoy that the We <3 Role-Play event has to offer...and maybe just some role-play :P

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Dirty Bastard said...

"he only does it cause he loves me, honest!"

Shut it woman!

Anonymous said...

The meter is beautiful in its simplicity, however the notion of crafting seems to complicate things..and lets face it the ONLY thing that does something for people are the say..sell bandages for Linden...let ALL get them..level the playing field on the folks who have found a way to generate coin...this will force consumption and reduce the impact/influence of their current inventories..also charge 20L a piece and suddenly the makers will have some well deserved income to support their efforts!

PewPew Zero said...

I agree with you, what made this meter so successful is the simplicity but giving the step of starting selling bandages for Lindens i think it might cause more headaches and the system won't be completely free anymore. Would that be fair for the ones that never buy or cannot afford Lindens?
I personally hope they don't go that route but the suggestions Jara made in the notecard she sent it makes some fear is if the few people that will be assigned to this healer role will be captured and robbed over and again.
We will see what comes!

PewPew Zero said...

No idea what does that mean :P

PewPew Zero said...