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Thursday, August 8, 2013

South of the Cartius

Today i turned to the manly man side of life and celebrate this wonderful gender that makes the girl's world go around...well, they deserve a little of attention, right girls?
MenStuff Hunt started a couple of days ago and the hunt list is just massive. More then 100 stores are listed in this hunt and you can get from animations, hair, clothing, skins and much more without spending a single dime. I had to pimp out this little fellow so i decided to dig in the hunt and share with some of the cool hunt prizes i found. Together with all this, some of the items i'm wearing including this beautiful skin with a bunch of add-ons is available at...guess where? yep...We <3 Role-Play Event! I can't stop mentioning how all of the male outfits are simply amazing. FATEplay, Kahli Designs and Sacred Skins are perfectly bundled together in this post. Let's dig for the details and the pictures, ready, set, go!

Eyes from Kmadd (Free - Menstuff Hunt)

Hair from Mr. & Miss C. (Free - Menstuff Hunt)

Tunic and Pants from FATEplay (375L, 25% Off - We <3 Role-Play, Part of "Feredir" Outfit. Includes Mesh Cloaked Outfit in 5 Sizes, Mesh Regular Outfit in 5 Sizes and Mesh Boots in 5 Sizes)

Boots, Sword and Shield from Kahli Designs (499L - We <3 Role-Play, Part of "Kings Guard" Outfit. Includes Mesh Pants in 5 Sizes, Mesh Boots, Mesh Pauldrons, Mesh Helmet, Mesh Chest Armor, Mesh Shield, Mesh Sheathed Shield, Mesh Sword and Mesh Sheathed Sword)

 Skin from Sacred Skins (695L, 25% Off - We <3 Role-Play. Each Pack Inludes Black Eye Add-On, Bloody Nose Add-On, Freckles Add-On, Guyliner Add-On, Pubes Add-On, Red Cheeks Add-On, 3 Eyebrow Shapes, Hair Base Tattoo and Skin. Facial Hair Available for 395L Each)

Poses from STAKEY (Free - Menstuff Hunt)

"The Wagon Peoples claimed the southern prairies of Gor, from gleaming Thassa and the mountains of Ta-Thassa to the southern foothills of the Voltai Range itself, that reared in the crust of Gor like the backbone of a planet. On the north they claimed lands even to the rush-grown banks of the Cartius, a broad, swift flowing tributary feeding into the incomparable Vosk. The land between the Cartius and the Vosk had once been within the borders of the claimed empire of Ar, but not even Marlenus, Ubar of Ubars, when master of luxurious, glorious Ar, had flown his tarnsmen south of the Cartius." 
Nomads of Gor, Pg 2

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