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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sweet Sacrifice

 Lot's and lot's of good things are happening, per example the SoHo event is hosting a special sale event, The House & Garden Designer Warehouse has a new round of beautiful furniture and SL Fashion Week, Perfect Wardrobe, Limited Bazaar, Hello Titty Slots as the usual discounted prices but with brand new items. Gawk and Step inSide continues their clearance sales with cut prices up to 80%.
We <3 Role-Play is about to start another round, the vendors are being set up at the moment and don't forget that just recently a discounted area was added to this wonderland of sales. Fantasy Gacha Carnival will open the doors today at 3 PM SLT and you will be able to find some of my most dear sponsors in this circus of good deals..are you excited as much as i am?

Few days ago, The Boadicea's Bracelets from The Forge made gor spin around giving a whole another meaning to virtual beauty. The gorgeous set of bracelets was probably more photograph then Michelle Obama but now the set will be event more stunning if you head to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and snatch one of the necklaces that goes with the bracelets for spending 50L/75L per play in the gacha machines. You spoil us too much Mr. Deccan, Thank You!

OrsiniSun is another store that is participating the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and i have to give a quick thank you to the creator for sending me a copy of the beautiful items. A stunning Crown, Belt and Necklace is available for you in several different colors but since gold has been my today will be again. OrsiniSun has all types of mesh clothing fitting the needs of roleplayers (OrsiniSun Fantasy Store) or non-roleplayers (OrsiniSun Main Store) so i totally suggest for you to take a moment and visit both stores for great mesh clothing and accessories.

Hair from Taketomi (300L)

Corset and Panties from .{PSYCHO:Byts}. (350L)

"Boedicea's Bracelets" from The Forge (350L - Includes Upper Arm Bracers, Wrist Bracers and Ankle Bracers. Available in Bronze, Black, Silver and White)

"Boedicea's Necklace" from The Forge (*Normal* Coming Soon - Fantasy Gacha Carnival

"Sweet Sacrifice Crown" from OrsiniSun (*Rare* Coming Soon - Fantasy Gacha Carnival

"Sweet Sacrifice Collar & Belt" from OrsiniSun (*Rare* Coming Soon - Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

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