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Thursday, July 4, 2013


Happy 4th of July everybody! Hope you all have a great time cooking out and enjoy the holiday with tons of beer..i am lol!
The round 3 of the We <3 Role-Play is opening tomorrow around 3 Pm SLT and tons of bloggers started working to offer you a sneak peek of what you can find there and i tell you it's getting better and bigger! Scroll down to check some of the previews ;)

★ Skin from WoW Skins (Group Gift) ★ 
★ "Gaia" Mesh Hair from Mina Hair (187 L$ *instead of 250 L$* one special color pack or 450 L$ *instead of 600 L$* three special color packs. Coming Soon @ We <3 Role-Play Event.) ★
★ "Asia Sky" from The Library (Coming Soon @ We <3 Role-Play Event.) ★

 "Face-stripping a free woman, against her will, can be a serious crime on Gor. On the other hand, Corcyrus had now fallen. Her women, thusly, now at the feet of her conquerors, would be little better than slaves. Any fate could now be inflicted on them that the conquerors might wish, including making them actual slaves." 
Kajira of Gor, Pg 183


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