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Monday, July 22, 2013

A Letter from Bonnie

This incoming October, The Good Gorean is making 2 years of existence and to be honest i never thought this blog lasted this long as my "appetite" for Second Life was less and less.

Since from the beginning, the big inspiration for this little hobbie of mine was and still is The Blogging Elf! I consider this blog the mother of all Roleplay blogs and we all know that Miss Arica is the number one in this business and i surely hope she never stops. As the time went by and shortly after i opened The Good Gorean, other few bloggers were still somewhat active until recently i felt a big boom of bloggers flourished in this type of media. I have no negative words to say to any of them..every blogger has it's style and it can be very entertaining to read and take in other peoples opinion, other ways to play this game and specially to let the roleplay masses know what it's out there. We, bloggers, are part of a business and surely help the SL economy but being a blogger is much more then that.

Many of the other bloggers will certainly agree with me that our love for photography and writing makes this experience much enjoyable and as for me, yes i am still loving every single bit of it.
As you could see, The Good Gorean is doing thru some much needed esthetic changes and i have a lot of plans for the future specially developing the writing side BUT i will continue loyal to affordability, new releases and promoting the fashion events, my sweet sponsors and much more! I hope you enjoy the new decor of The Good Gorean and i wish you cherish the ride with me in this ship of all of you, a big thank you for being part of this. Stay tuned...

 Hair from Eep (Gift - Hair Fair 2013 Sim 3

 "Bonnie" from Delicious (250L. Includes Mesh Camisk in 5 Standart Sizes, Regular Camisk with Flexy Skirt, Naughty Top, Kilt, Necklace with Coin Box, Earthenware Vase, Cuff and Anklet)

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