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Sunday, June 16, 2013

One Fancy She-Urt

Tal Goreans!
After making a quick update of the GE Maps that was published yesterday i started to dig in other subjects off the gorean comfort zone. I mentioned few days ago about the SL 10th Anniversary and the sims are already open and hosting a sh*t load of events. You can know about it all in the official SL10B Blog. If you decide to take a break from Gor thats the place to go and who knows you might spot a Linden and tell him how lag sucks in raids lol.

SL Fashion Week, The Garden, Fri*Friday, Whore Couture and Perfect Wardrobe are the usual monthly and weekly fashion events. Alice Project is hosting a 50% Off Selected Hair Sale and's mesh hair! Other stores like Snatch and Bliss Couture are fist pumping with awesome sales too, so it definitely worth a peak. Don't forget that The Summerfest'13 is the new buzz in fashion and again, you can find great exclusive deals and one or two gifts but beware of the lag!

If your budget is tight, no worries. Since it's the beginning of the month, a lot of hunts are going on and the Medieval Fantasy Hunt IX is one them. You have till June 30th to grab all the hunt prizes and of course i had to pick one for myself. The outfit in the pictures below are actually 2 prizes. The tunic is the female gift and the pants are the male gift..however i decided to put them together to show you how they look like. For me this is one of my favorites prizes of the hunt since they are just casual mesh gorean clothing and just fits fine to all occasion and with other clothing pieces. Together with this hunt prize i added few more gifts BUT if the skin doesn't satisfy you, take a look at the Free*Style blog that made exclusive posts all week long of free skins and shapes!

★ Skin from Ruby (Group Gift) ★
★ Hair from Miss Canning (Group Gift)
★ Outfit from Bina (Free - Medieval Fantasy Hunt IX)
★ Nails from Bamboo Nails (Group Gift)

"Some free girls, runaways, vagabonds, girls of no family or position, live about port cities, scavenging as they can, begging, stealing, sleeping at night in crates and under bridges and piers. They are called the she-urts of the wharves. Every once in a while there is a move to have them rounded up and collared but it seldom comes to anything."
Explorers of Gor, Pg 47 

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