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Thursday, June 20, 2013

GE Gor vs GE

The other day i was minding my own business in my home sim and some random person invited me to a group called "Admins & Sim Owners of GE Gor" i stopped for a moment and said "GE Gor? What is that?". Just like this groups name theres a lot of regions that has in the sim description that they are in GE Gor..ok's something that makes me laugh so let me teach you something. The word GE are matter of fact initials G.E. and this means Gor Evolved. So Gor Evolved Gor makes no sense...and since we are in this subject let me share with you the different types of gor playgrounds around the grid (descriptions taken from Rarius Yuroki (yuroki.uriza) List of Gorean Sims Notecard).

- BTB: "by the books":
the Gor sim does not allow "femlaws" (female outlaws, female pirates, female mercs), the sim does not allow free women to carry bows and swords

- BTB(C): "by the books (compromise)":
The Gor sim allows female outlaws/mercs, but they can fight only as a free woman (daggers, hair pins only and need to emote it) or must be dressed as men. Examples in the books: Tharna (Tribesman of Gor) or the free women hunting a slave "She carried a short yellow bow, of Ka-la-na wood" (Beasts of Gor)

- GE: "Gor evolved":
The Gor sim allows/does not forbid female fighters (female fighters are not mentioned in the books of Norman exept panthers/talunas) Other examples for "Gor evolved": the sim allows panthers, but is not part of the northern forest. Or: the sims allows bonds but it is not part of Torvaldsland. Or: the sim belongs to the Tahari but allows tarns. Or: the sim allows non gorean clothing (for example jeans and chain mail, plate armor for men or women with high heels).

- Lifestyle/non combat:
The Gor sim does not allow combat or is safe zone or residential

Hopping to another subject, The Virtual Vagabond blog made a cute collection of prizes and gifts you can find on the sims where Second Life 10th Birthday is being celebrated! They are super cute and free..take a look! Second Life is not the only one celebrating a birthday, Seraphim Blog is turning 2 years old and will host a party HERE with tons of free gifts and a good time to offer.
Now for the mambas out there, Woeful Wednesday is a fashion event just for the gothic side of things. Lots of bloody and black furniture, clothing, name it. Keep an eye out on the official blog of this event you will find great deals perfectly fitting your mamba style!

  ★ Mesh Hair from Exile (300L)
★ "La Esne" from the lounge (*25% Off Original Price* 315L - We <3 Role-Play Event. Includes 3 Tunics, 1 Fitted Set of Pants, 1 Skirt and 2 Undershirts in 5 Sizes from XXS to L.) ★
★ "Childlike" from ellabella (*50% Off Original Price* 100L - We <3 Role-Play Event. Includes 3 Attachment Points with Green, Blue and Red variations. Unscripted.) ★

"I had never been in the arms of a man before," she said, "for the men of Tharna may not touch women."
I must have looked puzzled.
"The Caste of Physicians," she said, "under the direction of the High Council of Tharna, arranges these matters."
Outlaw of Gor, Page 106 

PS: I want to dedicate this song to Kayla because she always wants to get nasty.


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