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Sunday, June 23, 2013


Rebooting the week..loading...yep we almost in it. Let's start with checking out super sales! Fellini Couture, American Baazar, Pretty Pixels and Pre-Release are hosting super sales and you can find cute clothes as low as 10L. Now hopping to the usual Weekly/Monthly Fashion Events that just restocked their inventory with new things: The Black Market, My Attic and Dressing Room Fusion. For the big boobies fans, Going Bust is offering plenty of good deals on the stores listed for this event BUT even better news are that Hello Titty is starting off another hunt! I was glad to see this team organizing another hunt like this because the first edition was a total success with plenty of quality clothing with appliers. Check out the official hunt blog HERE to get started!

I been blogging on the last few days about Delicious new releases and i left my favorite for the end. Eleonora is the star of the day and this super cute dress has a ton of options like all the clothing you can find in this store (just check the credits to see the complete list of the items you get as you purchase it). These bright colors go better together then you can imagine making you all center of attentions...believe me, i had a lot of im's asking me where i got this dress.

Before i go for the night let me share with you one more thing. Pretty soon a brand new gorean/fantasy fashion event will open it's doors but this will be a little different then what we are used to. In this festival of Gacha Machines we will hopefully find a lot of the most popular gorean creators since's being organized by well known gorean celebraties Cloey Scorfield (The Sweet Pea Owner) and Nicii Nitely! For now this project is still in baking process but i will promise to keep you updated with all the details.

 ★ Hair from Exile (300L) ★
★ "Eleonora" Outfit from Delicious (250L. Includes 2 Blouses, 2 Skirts, Cloak, Pants, Mesh Dress in 5 Sizes, Shoes, Necklace, Hood and Veil. Available in Ubara, Scribe, Physician and Warrior.) ★

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