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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Black Pearls Rocks 30L Way!

Oh no, i'm not talking about Black Pearls Mercenaries but yes Black Pearls store. I had the chance to blog Black Pearls before, specially the great 30L deals that the store owner put out since she joined the list. This time i am glad to announce that Black Pearls will be part of this round of the We <3 Role-Play and part of The Good Gorean family. Today the 30L Saturday list is on so i'm featuring some of the items she put out for ONLY 30L. It is one heck of the deal for what Black Pearls is offering!
The Shelf pictured below is always handy for any kind of household, tavern, name it! The Slave Mat is a must for all goreans and yes, count with low prim and mesh quality. Another item you can find for 30L is a cute low table that is in display together with the other promotional items.
Other previews from Black Pearls will come very soon...for now, let me show you the awesome sauce furniture you can get for 30L. Don't miss it!

★ "Shelf V2" from Black Pearls (30L - 30L Saturday Event. Includes
Maps, Letters, Barrels and Chest. Comes with a Empty Shelf V1. 100% Mesh LI: 2.)

★ "Slave Mat" from Black Pearls (30L - 30L Saturday Event. Includes
Planks, Post, Blanket, Gruel and 7 animations. 5 Prims.)

★ "Low Table" from Black Pearls (30L - 30L Saturday Event. Includes
Jars, Blanket, Letters. 100% Mesh LI: 2.)
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