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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rule Breaker

Wow has been one heck of a week!
I noticed some of the fashion events sort of slowed down lately BUT that doesn't stop us from shopping and getting what we want!
Home & Garden Expo is still going on till June 2nd and i been following some of the reviews made by bloggers..such gorgeous pictures fit to all the beautiful furniture that is for sale there. Don't forget Dysfunctional Designs is participating and you can have a sneak peak of all their goodies HERE.

MNML Expo is a brand new event in SL with very original and interesting stuff, a place to visit! L'Acessories, SOHO, Perfect Wardrobe, Acid Lilly Gallery, Stuff in Stock and Designer Circle are out and about with great deals.

In the gorean world, The Gorean Room restocked the premisses with brand new clothes, accessories and much We <3 Role-Play event is about to start! Read the details in the We <3 Role-Play Blog and find out who is participating this new round starting on June 4th! 

Below i posted the new releases from May's Soul and
EZ Weaponry. Happy pic perving!

★ Outfit & Jewelry from GSpot★
★ Leg Warmers from May's Soul (* New Release* 70L - Gorean Room Event. Includes Sizes from XS to L and 2 Colors.)
★ Boof's Undersling Shot from EZ Weaponry (600L - Includes Boof's Undersling 2.02, Boof's Undersling Sheath, Boof's Undersling Sheath B, Novo2 Hud and Unarmed Fist Fighter. ) ★

EZ WEAPONS - novo2 Slingshot series
    - NO delay when drawing.
    - Low bounce on prim and ground.
    - Great performance in lag.
    - Accurate hit reports, if it reports you hit and vice versa.
    - High performance single script arrows.
    - Trigger precision -- Woah!!! .8 every time? [.9 for long range] and it doesnt queue up shots I dont want?? [special thanks to Lego]
    - Three rock choices- high visibility.
    - Large variety of arc choices.
    - Autofire.

    /1 draw slingshot
    /1 sheath slingshot
    /1 drawsheath slingshot
    /1 damage - Slaves need to ensure they are using slave damage with the slingshot as it does both normal and slave damage. Simply type the command in chat to switch, the slingshot will inform you which mode it is using in main chat.

    /1 range
    /1 long
    /1 short
    /1 lob - switches to the lob arrow [-100 arc and 40m/s speed]
    /1 arc - toggles through the choices, default: 25 [50, 25, 15, -10, -50, -100]
    /1 arc X - use one of the arcs listed above to change to that particular one instantly.

    /1 arrow - toggles between the different arrow choices.

            note:  half splash can still do 3.5m damage but wont report it, direct only arrows will not do splashes even in splash sims
                        no splash still does splash, you just wont get the report of it
    /1 af - toggles between autofire on/off [adds .05 delay per shot] Default: off

    /1 height - it will toggle through the following choices: [0.0, .05, .1, .15, .2, .25, .3]
    /1 height X - simply entering one of the numbers above will select that height instantly.

    /1 reset - resets bow to default settings.
======Change Logs======
Rewrote 90% of the novo script.
New mesh arrows, 3 choices total
Removed position correction
Removed custom arrow speed
Major optimization to the control structure.
Added multiple report types and direct only arrow.
Stripped down to the bare minimum, keeping it low memory while maintaining important functions.
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