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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

25L Tuesday, The Good Gorean Picks

This round of the 25L Tuesday was crazy! A lot of good items to pick from and choosing my favorites wasn't an easy task. Anyhow..i pondered a lot and after hours of tping around and rezzing items, i came to The Good Gorean 25L Tuesday picks of the week! Heads up for the beautiful wine rack of Dysfunctional Designs, dazzling clothing from On A Lark, Sweet Poison and Delicious and oh..if you are a blogger Model Poses is a must stop. A bunch of pose packs for only 25L, so what are you waiting for?

★ "Coscia" Slave Outfit or Crossed Platform from On A Lark (25L)
★ Wall Mounted Wine Rack from Dysfunctional Designs (25L)
"Aella" or "Auguste" from Sweet Poison (25L)
Poses from Model Poses (25L)
"Elinor" Dress from Sweet Kajira (25L)
"Servant" Tunic from Luas (25L)
"Serena Green" or "Vera Rouge" from Delicious (25L)
"Ela" Necklace + Belt from Meshed Up (25L)
"Ikoko" Mesh Dress from Freya (25L)
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