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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tassa Powder

Is it Friday yet? Nope..ok, lets keep this rolling. 

Theres is SO much going on it's hard to keep up with all the good stuff BUT gladly i got good reminders. The mother of gorean blogs "The Blogging Elf" posted couple of days ago about a sweet event that will take off soon. Tia, EZ Weaponry, Soedara, Rainbow Co., The Muses, Knickknack and Silkworms are just a few of the names of a long list of stores participating on the We Love Roleplay event. I can't wait to see whats coming so add her blog to your fav list to keep yourself updated with We Love Roleplay shopping event.

Do you remember the Gorean Grid Wide Hunt? Well, good news for all of us, it is back!! This new round of the GGWH will have the Pani theme and will start on April 6th. The hunt items will have a cost of 2L but luckily the Gorean Grid Wide Hunt Blog is putting out a preview of the hunt prizes so that way you can pick what you want. This will be a smaller hunt then what we were used to but still has great prizes and lots of fun for the hunters. 

The Gypsy Market, The Gorean Room, Stuff in Stock, XYRoom, Fashion Limited, FaMESHed, Designer Showcase, The Outlet Room and The Designer Circle are some of the new events that started off recently with refreshed items. I leave you now with a May's Soul new release that was part of the 25L Tuesday Event but you still can purchase it for 25L in store.

Mesh Breasts from Lola's (1750L) ★
★ Mesh Hair from eep. (250L)
★ Mask & Necklace from GSpot (380L *Part of Serenity Outfit*)
★ Mesh Pants & Belt from May's Soul (25L)
★ Sandals from May's Soul (100L)

"I had been forced, sitting in the courtyard, my head back and nose held, to swallow a draft of water, into which a reddish powder had been mixed. I had shortly thereafter lost consciousness."
"Fighting Slave of Gor" page 222
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