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Monday, April 1, 2013

Submission Dimensions

Tons of new events are open to the public, i talk of: The Dressing Room Fusion, Acid Lily Gallery, SL Fashion Week, Trending Fashion, The Courtier's Docks, Designer's Pick Pre Release, The Big Boobies Show, Lyfe of Style and OH...The Pose Fair 2013 is rocking out with cool stuff! So if your a true fashionista start working on your schedule to visit all these events. Don't forget that a new round of the 25L Tuesday is about to begin!

May's Soul & Tentacio are no exception to the wonderful world of fashion. These brand new releases are waiting for you at May's Soul and XYRoom Event! Don't Miss it!!

 ★ Skin from HUIT (Group Gift)
★ Hair from Discord Designs (Subscriber Gift)
★ Antlers from Tentacio (70L - XYRoom Event)
★ Slave Jewelry from May's Soul (100L. Includes Belt, 2 Sets of Bracelets, Necklace, Nipple Covers. Available in Silver or Gold. )

" It is the nature of the male, among the mammals, to dominate, that of the female to submit. The fact that humans have minds does not cancel the truths of the blood, but permits their enrichment and enhancement, their expression in physical and psychological ecstasies far beyond the reach of simpler organisms ; the female slave submits to her master in a thousand dimensions, in each of which she is his slave, in each of which he dominates her."
Marauders of Gor, p. 185
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