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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It All Comes to Kort

Some say the Rope Makers of Gor are a true Sub-Caste and some will claim is just a organization. If you ever read the books or researched online, tell me what you think, will you? :P

I bring this question because of the new Burlap Sacks from Dysfunctional Designs. I started making some research online wondering from what kind of fiber are gorean sacks made of. After few clicks and putting 2 and 2 together heres what i got.

Caste of Rope Makers are a sub-caste of the caste of Artisans. Produces rope, binding fiber, thread and cordage of all types including Sacks. I was able to find a few fibers that are used by the Rope Makers witch are Cur-lon Fiber, a fiber that can be found where Swamp Spiders reside and just regular
binding fiber that is a strong multi-purpose twine of varying colors made from a fibrous plant. My guess would be the binding fiber is the one used to fabricate the sacks but i could not find quotes to back up my theory.
NOW, fibrous plants that goreans could harvest are the "kort" and "rep". The rep as a white fibrous content and is often used to make rep cloths *how about that, uh?* and the "kort" has a yellowish or brownish fibrous material, ahAH! kort is the mother fiber of gorean sacks!
Ok, enough's what matters, Burlap Sacks from Dysfunctional Designs!

★ "Burlap Sacks - Perishable Goods" from Dysfunctional Designs (250L - 1 Prim per Bag, Copyable & Modify, Unscripted & 100% Original Mesh) ★

★ "Burlap Sacks - Dried Goods" from Dysfunctional Designs (250L - 1 Prim per Bag, Copyable and Modify, Unscripted & 100% Original Mesh. Includes Texture Change Menu with 8 textures for the contents. Sal, Herbs, Seeds, Paprika, Rise, Saffron, Corn & Grains.) ★


"...and korts, a large brownish-skinned, thick-skinned, sphere shaped vegetable, usually some six inches in width, the interior of which is yellow, fibrous, and heavily seeded."
Tribesmen of Gor, p 37

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