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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

25L Tuesday, The Good Gorean Picks

Tal Goreans. As usual i put out my favorites picks of the 25L Tuesday list and some of these already was presented in the past couple of hours. You still have some time left to catch these great deals so hurry before is gone..for good!

Fantasy Faire 2013 is still rolling and today the event is featuring the Key of Hope Hunt. For you to be able to make this hunt you must purchase a HUD at Fairelands Junction and Valley of Ish’Nar Regions. The Blogging Elf is making a wonderful coverage of this event so visit the blog and charm yourself with a little bit of fantasy.

I'm truly excited for the beginning of the next month because of the We <3 Roleplay event that will begin on May 4th and i promise i will share with you the awesome stuff that is about to come. 

Now before i go, let me give you some quick news. Curio Skins is hosting a big sale in order to release some brand new skins and retire the old ones and The House & Garden Designer Warehouse is open again with great items perfect for your private "earthly" escape. Hope you all have a good week and see you soon!

★ "Wren" Mesh Outfit from Sweet Poison (25L)
★ Mesh "Tia" Outfit from The Sweet Pea (25L)
 "Drapped" Partial Mesh Slave Outfit from On A Lark (25L) ★
★ "Bow of Treve" from Torvis Weapons (25L)
★ Onion Garden Plot from  Dysfunctional Designs (25L) ★
 ★ Mesh "Elven Pants" or "Ethnic Collection" from May's Soul (25L) ★
 ★ "The Enchanted Harp" from [Tia] (25L)
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