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Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Conquer

★ Mesh Hair from Wasabi Pills (250L)
★ Corset with Tangos Applier from The Sugar Garden (250L - The Boobies Show Event)
★ Mesh Leg Warmers with Shoes from Etchaflesh (199L)
★ Mesh Pants from May's Soul (100L)
★ Mesh Arm Warmers and Pauldrons from Cellar Door (100L - Part of Macha Outfit)
★ Belt from Rude (600L - Part of SwampRat Outfit)
★ Necklace from Exquisite Jewellery (Free - Twisted Hunt)
★ Head Jewerly from Soedara (145L)

"It is strange," he said, "I have faced sleen and the steel of fierce enemies. I am a warrior, and am high among warriors. Yet you, a mere girl, would conquer me with a smile and a tear." 
Slave Girl of Gor page 424

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