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Friday, March 22, 2013

Ships of Acquisition

★ Skin from [ YOON BEAUTY ]  (Group Gift)
★ Mesh Hair from Clawtooth (275L)
★ Mesh "Valkiria" Outfit from May's Soul (70L - The Gorean Room Event)
★ Headband from *G Field* (Group Gift)

"'By Priest-Kings?' I asked.
'Frankly,' said my father, 'I believe the ship was remotely controlled from the Sardar Mountains, as are said to be all the Voyages of Acquisition.'
'Of Acquisition?'
'Yes,' said my father. 'And long ago I made the same strange journey. As have others.'
'But for what end, to what purpose?' I demanded.
'Each perhaps for a different end, for each perhaps a different purpose,' he said."
Tarnsman of Gor, page 32

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