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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Red Savage

★ Hair from D!va (Group Gift)
★ Skin from Poudre (Group Gift)
★ Eyes from Poetic Colors (Freebie in Store)
★ Mesh Neck Corset from Gorean Rose (249L)
★ Shirt with Tangos Applier from Gorean Rose (189L + 199L for Applier)
★ "Tribal" Mesh Skirt from May's Soul (*New Release* 25L - 25L Tuesday Event)
★ Necklace & Bracelets from May's Soul (*New Release* 25L - 25L Tuesday Event

 "I glanced back. Behind us and to the side the red-haired girl, timidly, frightened, had resumed a kneeling position. I do not think that she had personally offended the Dust-Leg woman. I think it was rather that the Dust-Leg woman simply did not entertain any great affection for white female slaves. Many women of the red savages, in spite of the wishes of their men, do not approve of such soft, curvaceous, desirable trade goods being brought into the Barrens."
Savages of Gor, page 213

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