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Monday, March 4, 2013

Coffle Control

★ Skin from Hush Skins (Group Gift) ★ 
★ Hair from Alice Project (Free - Twisted Hunt)
★ Necklace from La Vie En Rose (Group Gift)
★ Knit Top with Tangos Applier from ViVi (Free Gift - BBBF HQ)
★ Mesh Pants from Intropia (Group Gift)
"Attend me, Coffle," said he, "for bondage march." He held his hand, the visible signal of preparation, poised over his thigh.
We tensed. But, strangely, though of Earth, I did not object to a world in which men, like larls, were healthy. I wanted them that way, rich and glorious in their power. I sensed, perhaps, my complementarity to them. Only in a world where there were true men could there be true women.
I felt the steel on my wrist, with its chain.
He struck his right thigh with his open hand, suddenly, sharply. We moved out, slave girls, on the left foot, that the pace of the march be uniform. We were owned."
Slave Girl of Gor     Book 11     Page 133
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