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Thursday, March 14, 2013


★ Mesh Hair from Clawtooth (188L - Collarbor88 Event)
★ "Catherine" Mesh Dress from The Sweet Pea/Enigma (*New Release* 300L - Includes Mesh Corset; Mesh Skirt & Mesh Arm pads. Available in Blue, Red, Black, Green & Brown)
★ Undershirt with Tangos Applier from ArisAris (Free - Tango Train Hunt)
★ Fur Collar & Belt from Sweet Lies Designs (*Part of Dalla Outfit* 150L - Marketplace Promo)
★ Mesh Boots from Death Row Designs (Free - Twisted Hunt)

"'Al-Ka!' said Torm, pointing one long, authoritative finger at the sign. 'Al-Ka,' he said. 'Al-Ka,' I repeated.
We looked at one another, and both of us laughed. A tear of amusement formed along the side of his sharp nose, and his pale blue eyes twinkled.
I had begun to learn the Gorean alphabet."
Tarnsman of Gor 38

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