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Monday, February 18, 2013

Rainbow Co. Show It's Colors

Hello Good Gorean Visitors! After the Sweet Poison joining the crew one more merchant is willing to share with us all her building wonders. I talk about Huntress Blackrain and her wonderful store called Rainbow Co. Right now, Rainbow Co. is more focus in building and building components but as i chatted around with "Rain" this last Sunday, she seemed to have much other projects to come including clothing. I can't wait to see more of Rainbow Co. and i was amazed how great all her buildings look. For now im introducing this wonderful winter skybox and i tell you the pictures do not make it's justice. If you want something made just for you, she is willing to dedicate her time and offer amazing custom buildings for the right price. You can visit Rainbow Co. in Chained Isle or in Marketplace.

★ Winter Cottage Skybox from Rainbow Co. (750L)

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