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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Free Women

★ Skin from Mag<3.B (Group Gift)
★ Mesh Hair from Eaters Coma (Group Gift)
★ Shirt with Tango Applier from Rack City (250L - BeWbAPaLoOZa Event)
★ Mesh Pants from [Silk&Steel] (250L - Part of "November Lady" Outfit)
★ Boots from [elikatira] (60L - Big Annual Sale Event, All items 70% off)
★ Mesh Fur Stole from Tentacio (90L - Fashion Quotes Event)
★ Belt from miel (125L)
★ "Anubis" Mesh Mask from Von Strauss (150L)
★ Bow with Poses from Juxtapose (Group Gift)

"Free Gorean women, incidentally, enjoy a prestige and status which, it seems to me, is higher than that of the normal Earth woman."
"Explorers of Gor" - Page 459 

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