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Friday, February 1, 2013

Born of The Alar

★ Skin from NoBody'sPerfect
★ Mesh Hair from Wasabi Pills (250L)
★ Chest Belt from [UD] Clothing (Part of Ragged Outlaw)
Scarf from Returned Karma (Part of Toasty Outfit)
 ★ Shirt with Tango's Applier from Sakide (Group Gift)
★ Corset from Abyss (400L)
★ Mesh Pants from Silk&Steel (250L - Part of November Lady Outfit)
★ Boots from Kookie  (500L)

"We were now within the laager of Genserix, a chieftain of the Alars, a nomadic, wandering herding people, and one well known, like the folks of Torvaldsland, for their skills with the ax."
"Mercenaires of Gor" page 43
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