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Monday, January 7, 2013

Forgive Me Odin, I Bought Implants...

★ If you into reading blogs and fashion websites related to SL you most probably read or saw pictures of these big..i mean HUGE prim breasts. Truth is i was a implants user in my primary SL account and i tried everything from the Push Up Lola's, Mused and even eCorp, however none of them compares to these beauties showed in the pictures above. These Mesh Breasts look very natural and they aren't that hard to match up with your skin plus recently skin creators like Al Vulo! has been releasing skins that has the right applier making everything much easier. You just wear the skin and wear the applier making the breasts match perfectly to your skin. With this said, this new SL sensation is called Tango Lola's and it can be purchase for 1750L but they totally worth it. The Tango Lola's has several menu options from skin textures, nipple textures, nipple piercings, size and even clothing options. It is a shame that there's no Demo of this product but still i took a shot and i am loving it.
If you decide to purchase Tango Lola's be prepared for a clothing changelle specially if your in the roleplay world. The Tango Lola's require special clothing that needs to come with a special applier. Luck for some of us the implant clothing market is growing and hopefully we will see more of those in gor. (YOU HEARD ME OUT THERE GOREAN CREATORS?) Im leaving you guys some landmarks and links for some of the places you can find clothes for these puppies (swing by the Fashion Events where most of the stores that sells these clothes are gathered in just 1 place and offering special prices!) so if you getting the Tango Lola's welcome to the wonderful world of implants! :P

★ Gorean Stores supporting Tango Lola's

 ★ Fashion Events

★ Other Stores

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