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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Captain of the Order

★ Mesh Pipe from [Tia] (250L) 
★ Mesh Hair from Burley (285L) 
★ Beard from R A W House (200L) 
★ Skin from P E A U *Marketplace Only* (1L) 
★ Mesh Armor from [Erebos] *Captain* (800L) 
★ Mesh Blindfold from Raid Spot *Part of Brute* (525L) 
★ Mesh Bow from Primus Weapons *Pretoria Au'corant* (600L) 
★ Mesh Crossbow from Primus Weapons *Mortuus Insertis* (600L) 
★ Mesh Ax, Shield & Sword from Primus Weapons *Thor Set* (900L) 

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