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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Advent Calendar Events - 25 days, 25 gifts

★ Ever heard of the Advent Calendar Event? No? If you missed it, across the grid tons of stores are offering a different gift each day until Christmas Day! I listed some of my favorites stores below but feel free to visit for the complete list. If you know of any other Gorean/Medieval store participating in the Advent Calendar Event share with us by posting it on a comment. For now, visit these stores posted below and grab cool, cute and handy gifts for the season. You will find everything from poses, mesh hair, clothing and furniture and they all going to change to a gift one around midnight sl time. Have Fun and Happy Holidays!

★ Advent Calendar Stores
Alice Project (They got a cool mesh hair as a gift, ONLY TODAY SO RUN!)  
Sway Land (Different stores participating in this sim. Check out the Sway Gift of the dat @

Gorean/ Medieval Advent Calendar Stores
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