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Monday, November 26, 2012

List of GE Sims - V 47.0

◣◥◣List of GE English Sims - Female Fighters Allowed◥◣◥◣

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City of Samnium - Sardar✔Varangian Mercs - Siba✔ Marauders of Siba - Siba✔Black Panthers - Vyper Cliffs✔Laurius Outlaws - Phoenix Sunrise✔HolyShyte Marauders - Montaine Cove✔Laura City and the Ruins of KO-RO-BA - Mariners of Gor✔Village of Vordrung - GTS DESIGN✔Legion of Darkness - Trondheim✔ Ki Sa'ng Viktel Panthers - Moonglade✔Exsilium Rekkr - Himitsu no doragon
Huscari Outlaws - Brave Island

✖Abydos Forest Outlaws - Abydos✖Insane Rebels - Ashkali (CHECK IT AGAIN)✖Shinigami Outlaws - Sardar✖Siba Outlaws - Siba✖Shiva Outlawz - Chained Isle✖Viktel Nemesis Outlaws - Thentis✖Vosk River Bandit's - Montaine Cove✖Beyond Redemption - GTS DESIGN✖Alyna Village - Dock (English & German)✖City of Iskander - Iskander Pass✖Tharna City - Tharna City✖Berserkrs - Thentis✖Vikings of Eternia - Trondheim✖Serpis Ra Mambas - Ashkali✖Black Mamba's - Tharna Woods✖Jerag Valk - Tharna City✖Tahem Rogues - Black Ghost Isle✖Ashkali Trade Post - Ashkali✖Crimson Sword Outlaws - Dalsgaard

✎Black Bow Outlaws - Tahari Raiders (Updated Rules)✎Black Skull Raiders - Sanguis Eros Island (Updated Rules)✎Diablo's Marauders - Tranquility Bay (Updated Rules)✎Hunjer Marauders - Behringa (Updated Rules)✎Malice Marauders - Pierson (Updated Rules)✎Myrmidons - Dark Mist (Updated Rules)✎Sanguis Eros - Sanguis Eros Island (Updated Rules)✎Skuldr Marauders - Black Bow Island (Updated Rules & New Location)✎Wandering Marauders  - Woodhaven (Updated Rules)✎Askari Mercenaries - Terra de Luna (Updated Rules)✎Bastards of Odin Mercs - The Citadel (Updated Rules & New Location)✎The Others Kurii Tribe - GTS DESIGN (Updated Rules & New Location)✎Blood Rebel Mercs - 0 0 Acacia (Updated Rules)✎Pirates of Tyros - TYROS ISLE (Updated Rules)✎Hidden Forest - Hidden Forest (Updated Rules)✎JAD Oasis - Futuna Reef (Updated Rules)✎Lost Village - VL connected LV (English & Portuguese) (Updated Rules)✎Scimitar Oasis - Scimitar Plains (Updated Rules)✎Siba Village - Siba (Updated Rules)✎Tasta Temple - TASTA (English & Russian) (Updated Rules)✎Valnor - Valnor Isle (Updated Rules)✎Village of Gardar - Desolate (Updated Rules)✎Village of Togian - Terra de Luna (Updated Rules)✎City of the Two Scimitars - Isle of Scimitar (Updated Rules)✎Dark Shadow's - Nerja Isle (English & German) (Updated Rules)✎Dorestad Fjord - Green River Cove (Updated Rules)✎Henchmen - Vengeance Isle (Updated Rules)✎Nordmadr Orn - Silent Running (Updated Rules)✎Torus Vikings - Port Kasra (Updated Rules)✎Laurius Tradepost - North Azuria (Updated Rules)✎The Others Kurii Tribe - GTS DESIGN (Updated Rules)✎Dani's Band Panthers - Terra de Luna (Updated Rules)✎Dae'Va Panthers - DaeVa Draught (Updated Rules)✎Jan Tri Shena Panthers - Port of Etenia (Updated Rules)✎Kar'Sa'Hesa Panthers - North Azuria (Updated Rules)✎Sa 'Anu Panthers - Black Bow Island (Updated Rules)✎Sa'ng Sar talunas - North Azuria (Updated Rules)✎Sa Nahele Panthers -  Sardar (Updated Rules)✎Tasta Talunas - TASTA (English & Russian) (Updated Rules)✎Tribe of the Two-Spirits - DaeVa Draught (Updated Rules)✎Ghost Marauders - Ghost Stronghold (Updated Rules)✎Village of Sardar - Sardar (Updated Rules)
Azah Outlaws - Sea Whispers Island

Bad Larmas Outlaws - Infernia

Banded Hith Nidingr - Primus Weapons 

Black Bow Outlaws - Tahari Raiders

Black Skull Raiders - Sanguis Eros Island
Black Soul Rogues - Castaway (English & Spanish)
 Chaotic Outlawz - Paradise Hills 
Damu Marauders - Peregrine Cliffs

Dark Sword Outlaws - Sword Death 

Diablo's Marauders - Tranquility Bay

EnKara Outlaws - Fellglanz (English & German)
Exsilium Rekkr - Himitsu no doragon

Free Souls Outlaws - Free Souls Outlaws

Ghost Marauders - Ghost Stronghold

Hell Raiser Outlaws - Rhae
HolyShyte Marauders - Montaine Cove

Hunjer Marauders - Behringa
Huscari Outlaws - Brave Island

Infamous Outlaws - Zinnia Island
 Kalana Woods Outlaws - Kalana Woods

Kamba Cove Outlaws - Kamba Cove 
Laurius Outlaws - Phoenix Sunrise
Legion of Darkness - Trondheim

Malice Marauders - Pierson
Marauders of Siba - Siba

Myrmidons - Dark Mist

Mayhem Outcasts - Sartre 

Phantom Outlaws - Black Ghost Isle 

Pavaraci Outlaws - BELISSIMA

Sanguis Eros - Sanguis Eros Island
Shadows Outlaws - Vyper Cliffs 
Skuldr Marauders - Black Bow Island 
 Unknown Outlaws - Sylvanas 
Voltai Outlaws - Voltai Mountains 
Wandering Marauders  - Woodhaven 

Wolf Outlaws - Phoenix Sunrise 

WTF Marauder - Sins of Passion



 Askari Mercenaries - Terra de Luna

Bastards of Odin Mercs - The Citadel

Belnend Ibalo Mercs - Ivalo (English & German)
Black Beasts Mercs - Black Forest Isle (English & German)

Black Pearls Mercs - Terra de Luna

Blood Rebel Mercs - 0 0 Acacia

Golden Talon Mercenaries - Prohibition 

Longshadow Mercs - Dalsgaard

Redemption Mercs - Shangri-La

Rising Sun Mercs - Three Moons Valley
Varangian Mercs - Siba


Black Shark Pirates - Shangri-La (English & German)

Dark Curse Pirates - BELGIQUE3D Estates (English & German)

Imperial Pirates - Buckley 

Lost Soul Pirates - Skjern (English & French)

Pirates of Tyros - TYROS ISLE

The Brethren Pirates - 0 0 Absolute


Asperiche City - Tharnock Highlands

Asperiche Outpost - Mariners of Gor 

Chained Isle - Chained Isle

Couthy Estate - Tharnock Hills

Fjordholme - Fjordholme 

Hibari - Hibari

Hidden Forest - Hidden Forest
JAD Oasis - Futuna Reef

Land of Kamras - Land of Kamras

Lost Village - VL connected LV

Mead Drinking Maniacs - Path of Destiny

Moonglade - Moonglade

Oase der 100 Steine - Semris (English & German)

Oasis of Four Palms  - Birch Island (English & French)

Siba Village - Siba

Sinners Cove - Isle of Sin 

Scimitar Plains - Scimitar Plains

Sword Death Village - Sword Death Village

Talbot Isle - Talbot Isle

Tasta Temple - TASTA 

Twin Falls - Applegate 

Valnor - Valnor Isle 

Vanjinck Village - Black Bow Island

 Ven Village - Mystic Fire   

VIDREW PATHS - Three Winds South

Village of Gardar - Desolate 

Village of Sardar - Sardar
Village of Vordrung - GTS DESIGN

 Village of Togian - Terra de Luna

Yorokobi - Yorokobi

  Cities & Port Cities 

City of the Two Scimitars - Isle of Scimitar
City of Samnium - Sardar
Laura City and the Ruins of KO-RO-BA - Mariners of Gor

Port Cob - Black Forest Isle (English & German) 

Port Kamba - Sunrise

Port of Cyprian - Port Cyprian  

Port of Etenia - Port of Etenia 

Port of Hulneth - Hulneth Bay

 The Free Port City of Decadence Island - Seabourne


Dark Shadow's - Nerja Isle (English & German)

Dorestad Fjord - Green River Cove

Hasgar Village - Hasgar

Henchmen - Vengeance Isle 

Nordmadr Orn - Silent Running 

Samara Falls - Wiggles

Se'Vardi Vikings - Infernia 

Scagnar - Scagnar (English & French) 

Skjern - Nerja Isle (English & German) 

Thorsteinn - AuBoutdesMers 

Torus Vikings - Port Kasra 
Volsungr Vikingr - Heatherlands


Ashkali Trade Post - Ashkali 

Black Star Traders -  Teletus

Dorf Hjem - Greenland (English & German) 

Garrison Outpost - Panther Ridge

Korat Trading Post - Bound Pixie

Laurius Tradepost - North Azuria
Mystic Fire Traders Camp - Mystic Fire

Northern Divide Exchange Point - Primus Weapons

Sa'ng Lina Trade Co - Marakile

Sana-Torvis Foresters - Shore Park Island



Damu Hekalu Mambas - Peregrine Cliffs 
Tharlarion Mamba Tribe - Whispering Moons



The Others Kurii Tribe - GTS DESIGN


Panther/Taluna Camps

Black Panthers - Vyper Cliffs

Damu Kabila Blood Tribe - Isle of Sin

 Dani's Band Panthers - Terra de Luna 

Dae'Va Panthers - DaeVa Draught 

Dijan  Panthers - Lake Ias
Forest Moon Panthers - Whispering Moons

Ja'heas con kar Panthers - Heatherlands 
Jan Tri Shena Panthers - Port of Etenia

 Kar'Sa'Hesa Panthers - North Azuria 

Kh'rees Ikerei Tribe - Anango (English & French)

Ki'Kara Panthers - Calendula Island (English & German)
Ki Sa'ng Viktel Panthers - Moonglade

Lost Tribe of Talunas - Coastline (English & French)

Luna Caleeng - Lake Ias

Ni'ta Hesa Talunas  - Land of Kamras (English & Italian)

 Pa Ri Tor - Panther Ridge

Sa 'Anu Panthers - Black Bow Island

Sa di Sani - Village of Gimli

Sa Fora Tribe - Shore Park Island 

Sa Ki Fori Panthers - Hrimgar 

Sa Tarna Kara -Whispering Moons

Sa'Dina & Tol Acharn Panthers - Mystic Fire

 Sa Sa'ng-Fori Huntresses - Port of Maine (English & French)

Sa'ng Sar talunas - North Azuria
Sa'jesuil Panthers -Valkyrie Forest

Sa'ng Lina Panthers - Rarius Highland

Sa Jerag Talunas - Lovers of Gor

Sa'Sareem Panthers - Whispering Moons

Sa Nahele Panthers -  Sardar

Sa Sheku Nayer Panthers - Three Moons Valley 

Sa Tor Tribe - Vosk Delta Region (English & French)

Sa'Vella Panthers - Fields of Gimli

Siuracha Panthers - Moonglade 
Tasta Temple GOR - TASTA (English & Russian)

Toki Aka'am Tribe - Shore Park Island

Tol Acharn - Volcano Island

Tor Torvis Veck Panthers - Ivalo (English & German)

Tribal - Tribal Land
no rules exept: be gorean, no public access 

Tribe of the Two-Spirits - DaeVa Draught

Tu luna Tau`ri Panthers - Moonglade

Valkyrie Torva Panthers - Valkyrie Forest

Wanika Tribe - Three Moons Valley 

Wa Ngao Talunas - Jungles of Gor

Zima Ak'am Panthers - Sunrise


  Wagon People/Nomad's

Kataii Wagon Camp - Sunrise

The Lost Alar - Zinnia Island
3Moon Tuhuks - Whispering Moons


  Open Arena Sims

GTS Sparring Ground - GTS DESIGN

LR Weapons - LR Weapons 

Panther's Sparring Grounds - Dragon Beach


Many Thanks to:
Aethi Palisades (Creator of the GE Raid Mapper Hud)
Yuroki Uriza (Creator of "List of Gorean Sims" Notecards)
Daimos Baarer (Creator of the GE Maps Server-Client Delivery System)
All of those that send me notecards, landmarks and messages that make my job easier :D
Feel free to comment below to this post if you wish me to add a group/sim to the list in the future.
If your having problems opening the notecard inworld please clear your cache and log back on a empty low lag sim (per example: Spiny Region )
If your having problems opening the rules and landmarks embedeed in the list please check the link below:
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