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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Legend Creations Bows

★ Here comes the update i promised to you all. Legend is now bringing new and awesome things and this time is one of all GE favorites: Weapons! 5 great bows are available in marketplace and i so need to make a special review about the Blocked Bow. When i first saw the bow i asked right away to the creator "Dude, why is the picture all pixelated? " and of course at the time didn't crossed my mind but right away he answered "Its inspired in the Minecraft game, ever played it?". I laughed and i requested right away to see the bow in person and wow what a refreshing, creative and fun idea to build a weapon and its Mesh!! Browsing around in the Legend Marketplace store i took my time to analyze the rest of his weapons and i just love them all! Personally, i hate complex weapons with a bunch of prims so these are just fantastic. Check them out and support this new creator..and OH Miguel started off the process of legalizing the weapons in gorean sims and they are already approved in the Sardar region.

Hati Bow

Winged Bow

Maw Bow

Skoll Bow

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