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Sunday, July 15, 2012

From the east to the west and beyond

★   Ze Shinigami   

★   Hair base from Dura (0L)   
★   Mesh Outfit from B@R (185L)   
★   Skin from Prodigal (Free gift when subscribing the store group.)   

★   Hair from R A W House (Free Gift with Group tag. 250L Joining Fee)   

★   Ze Simple   

★   Hair from Amacci (0L)   
★   Boots from The Fallen (0L)   
★   Outfit from KnickKnack (350L)   
★   Knit Scarf from Mr. Poet (300L)*   
★   Skin from Prodigal (Free gift when subscribing the store group.)   

Note: The scarf is part of a set including a coat and a turtleneck. The scarf is also mod, so I suggest buying the white one.

★   3 Free hairs with group tag. (1 Unisex, 1 Male, 1 Female. Comes in all colors), as well as, 7 Hairs for 120L each, plus 50% off with group tag (6 Female and 1 Unisex) from R A W House (Joining Fee 250L)   

★   Tunic from De La Soul (0L)   

★   Belt from RU Designs (0L)   

★   Boots from The Fallen (50L  Marketplace. 100L in-world)   

★   Arms Armour from The Fallen (10L Marketplace. 150L in-world)   

★   Full perm Barrel from jockel Doune (0L)   

★   Mesh Sofa from Snatched (0L)   

★   Mesh Rocker from Severed Hearts (100L)   

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