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Friday, July 13, 2012

An easy going life at the woods.

   Ze Hobo   

★   Color Changeable Scarf from Mr. Poet (0L)   
★   Mesh Knit Coat (Grey*) from Mr. Poet (0L)   
★    Tommy - Dark Chocolate hair from *DROT* (200L)   
★   Mesh Male Hildo Tan Trousers from Rochambeau (300L)   
★   Neo Skin from Akeruka (Free Gift with Group Tag - Joining Fee 250L)   ★

*Note: Color was modified to match better. Values are: R:191 G:174 B:134 H:42 S:31 L:64

★   Ze Hermit   

★   Mesh Black Boots from Dirty Lynx   
★   Mesh Rugged Up Sweater from GSpot (150L)   
★   Vincent - Black Ice hair from *DROT* (200L)   
★   Mesh Male Gilip Dark Trousers from Rochambeau (300L)   
★   Nando Full Tan Skin from Akeruka (Free Gift from Make Him Over Hunt II. Ends July 15) 

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