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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Embrace the Dark Side

★ Hair from Action (125L)
★ Glasses from ! LooP ! (Free Gift with Group Tag)
★ Mesh Top from [LeeZu!] (350L)
★ Pants and Legwarmers from Rude (600L - Part of Shadow Outfit)
★Boots from  [N] (100L - Big Sale, Must wear Join Group theWarehouse group to enter the sim)  


25L Tuesday, The Favorites

 ★Outfit from Gor Gurls (25L)

★ House from United InshCon (25L)

★Slave Sign from IMDesigns (25L)

★Chest Armor from De La Soul  (25L)

★Herbalist Station and Axe from Painfully Divine (25L)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Sugar & Spice

★ Hair from Action (125L)
★ Full Dress from Gor Gurls (Old 25L Item)
★ Vest from C'est la vie (Free Gift - Season's Palette Hunt)
★Boots from  [N] (100L - Big Sale, Must wear Join Group theWarehouse group to enter the sim)  

Location: Route 666

Al Vulo Group Gift

Al Vulo has another great group gift available in store!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gorean Room - 8th Round

★Welcome to another great  round of Gorean Room!!!!!
Gorean Room is a room where the best designers sell some of their creations with very cheap prices. With only one telefort you will find clothes, accesories, hairs or other things for only 50 or 70 L.
The products at the Gorean Room will change every 15 days, so don´t forget to visit the room often if you don´t want to miss the new sales.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

25L Tuesday, The Favorites

★Outfit from On A Lark (25L)

★Instrument from Fire Storm Creations (25L)

★Outfit from Gor Gurls (25L)

★Complete Living Room (Several Colors Available) from Axis Creations (25L)


★Goran Bath from IMDesigns (25L)

★Boots from Nefarious! (25L) 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Its all about me

★ Hair from Truth Hair (125L - 50% Off Sale in Truth District)
Undershirt from [ SAKIDE ] (Free Gift - Millennium Hunt 1L)
★Mesh Skirt from Jane (150L)
★Scarf from Mr. Poet (Free Gift with Group Tag)
★Mini Jacket from Coco (100L - Big Sale!!!)
★Boots from LightStar (425L)


Cool Gifts and...Toys?

 ★ Trapper Hat from {ʞ}Rea (Free Gift)

★ Alpha Nipples from Ruby Skins (1L - Bouncron Hunt)

★ Penis from Ruby Skins (1L - Bouncron Hunt)

★ Mobile Phone from SOLFEENA (Free Gift)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Saturday, January 21, 2012

★Quoting: "TRUTH DISTRICT is having a 50% off Sale! Many designers have items out for sale and I have put my new release out for 125L standard pack (plus other current styles). The sale is only applicable on items at the Truth District location. "

30L Saturday, The Favorites

★Picnic Table from On A Lark (30L)

★Grass with poses from Sweet Poison (30L)

★Campfire from Tharyn Design (30L)

★Tavern Menu from Libby's Place (30L)

★Low Kitchen Cynful Designs (30L)

★Stick from GTS Weapons (30L)

Friday, January 20, 2012

List of GE Sims - V 21.0

List of GE Sims - V 21.0

◥◣◥◣List of GE English Sims - Female Fighters Allowed◥◣◥◣

Please visit Founders Cove Village and subscribe to the Subscribe-O-Matic to receive the updates (no group space needed). 



✔GTS - Iskander Pass✔Angels of Death Outlaws - Curvys Isle✔UF Outlaws - Ven Badlands✔Sa Nahele Panthers - Ven Badlands✔Delka Rebels - The Northern Forests✔Broken Swords - Dawn of Souls✔13th  - Dawn of Souls✔Perilous Mercs - Marakile✔Søtvann City - Marakile✔Dark Crimson Pirates - Ven Outlands✔Kar'Sa'Hesa Panthers - North Azuria✔Mystic Fire Traders Camp - Mystic Fire✔Zjadfa Arma's Village - Skerry of Einar✔The Black Crows Of Gor - Eternal Darkness✔Hulder Heights - North Keep✔Children Of The Damned Outlaws - Gorean Shendi Talunas✔Gorean Lands of Shady - Shady✔GokTurk - Shady✔Pirates of Tyros - TYROS ISLE✔Hunters Outlaws - Ultimate


✖RippenScar Outlaws - Somerset Island✖Wayward Outlaws - Chrysolite Island✖Wicked Outlaws - Curvys Isle✖Askari Mercs - Terra de Luna (BtB Now)✖North Hawk Mercs - Panther Bluff✖Greyhearts - Fun Time✖Spirit Mercs - LR Weapons✖Green Cliffs - Kama Sutra✖Scagnar Torvaldsland - Scagnar✖The caves of The Priest Kings - Marakile✖Village of  Adalvikstad - Ubar of Willowdale✖Village of Midgaard - Midgaard (BtB Now)✖Village of Togian/Askari - Terra de Luna (BtB Now)✖Mjollnir Vikings - DELKD United✖Volsungr Vikingr - Scagnar✖Fangs of Kurii - Marakile✖SIX CLAWS - Marakile✖Steel Fangs - Marakile✖The Claws of Lycuss - Marakile✖Kong Kurs - Siba✖Band of Mani - Terra de Luna (BtB Now)✖RippenScar Panthers - Somerset Island✖Anda Sa'ng Fori Tribe - North Azuria
Luna Pardus Panthers - Deep Forest (BtB Now)


✎Banded Hith Nidingr - Skerry of Einar (Updated Rules)✎Bad larmas Outlaws - Infernia (Updated Rules and New Location)✎Black Bows Outlaws - Iskander Pass (Updated Rules)✎Cryptic Outcasts - World of Divinity (New Location)✎Dark Alliance Marauders - Trondheim (Updated Rules)✎Deep Woods Outlaws - Lands of Twilight (Updated Rules)✎Dieslrae Outlaws - Storm Island (Updated Rules)✎Divine Outlaws - Terra de Luna  (Updated Rules)✎Elysium Outlaws - Middleton (Updated Rules)✎Ghost Outlaws- Ghost Isle (Updated Rules)✎Purgatory Outlaws - Land of Sin (Updated Rules)✎RAWR Outlaws - UNJUST LANDS (Updated Rules)✎Tukino Toa Outlaws - HoE (Updated Rules)✎Viktel Nemesis Outlaws - Arcana Crete (Updated Rules)✎Wrath Misfits - Dark Realm (Updated Rules)✎WTF Marauder - Sins of Passion (Updated Rules)✎Za Outlaws - Skerry of Einar (Updated Rules)✎Apex Mercenaries - Ven Badlands (New Location)✎S&T Mercenaries - Tule (English & Italian) (Updated Rules)✎Black Shark Pirates - Moorland Bay (English & German) (Updated Rules)✎The Brethren Pirates - 0 0 Absolute  (Updated Rules)✎Askari Village - Tule (Updated Rules)✎City of Einar - Skerry of Einar (Updated Rules)✎Fjordholme - Fjordholme (Updated Rules)✎Nordheim - Dawn of Souls (Updated Rules)✎Port Genesia - HoE (Updated Rules)✎Tasta Temple - TASTA (Updated Rules)✎Tule's City - Tule (English & Italian) (Updated Rules)✎Village de Hunjer - Scagnar Hunjer (English & French) (Updated Rules)✎Bolverk Vikings - Skjern (Updated Rules)✎Hersir Vikings - Invidious (Updated Rules)✎Hlidskjalf Vikings - Stanwood (Updated Rules)✎Se'Vardi Vikings - Infernia (Updated Rules)✎Sa'ng Lina Trade Co - Marakile (Updated Rules)✎Rawr Mambas - Korohoa Leaf (Updated Rules)✎Dijan  Panthers - Lake Ias (Updated Rules)✎Luna Jerag Tribe - Lake Ias (Updated Rules)✎Sa'ng Sar talunas - Dark Castle (Updated Rules)✎Tasta Talunas - TASTA (English & Russian) (Updated Rules)✎Tri'Moon Panthers - Panther Bluff (Updated Rules)✎Tri Shena Panthers / Sisters of Hura - Marakile (Updated Rules)✎Alar Laager - HoE (Updated Rules)
MKO - LR Weapons (Updated Rules & New Location)

⚒ Outlaws/Marauders

Angels of Death Outlaws - Curvys Isle

Banded Hith Nidingr - Skerry of Einar

Bad larmas Outlaws - Terra de Luna

Black Bows Outlaws - Iskander Pass

Blood Dagger Outlaws - Jazra Isle

Broken Swords - Dawn of Souls

Children Of The Damned Outlaws - Gorean Shendi Talunas

Dark Alliance Marauders - Trondheim

Dark Sword Outlaws - Sword Death

Deep Woods Outlaws - Lands of Twilight

Delka Rebels - The Northern Forests

Deviant Rebels - Bitterblue

DiesIrae Outlaws - Storm Island

Divine Outlaws - Terra de Luna

Elysium Outlaws - Middleton

Exiled - Teletus 2

Ghost Outlaws- Ghost Isle

GokTurk - Shady 

GTS - Iskander Pass

Guild of Thieves - Bitterblue

HighTide Deviants - Behringa

Hunters Outlaws - Ultimate

Intriguing Islanders - Isles of Intrigue

Kalana Woods Outlaws - Kalana Woods

Laurius Bandits - Bitterblue

MKO - LR Weapons

Outlaws Avenger - Naias

Purgatory Outlaws - Land of Sin


Shinigami Outlaws - Sardar

Siba Outlaws - Siba

Silent Swords Outlaws - Primus Weapons

Steel Core Outlaws - Steel Core

Soulless Outlaws - Korohoa Leaf

STO Resistance - Nyoka River Highlands

Storm Riders - Planet

Tainted Outlaws - Tainted island

Terra Nova Outlaws - Terra Nova

Tukino Toa
- HoE

The Black Crows Of Gor - Eternal Darkness

The 13th - Dawn of Souls

UF Outlaws - Ven Badlands

Unknown Outlaws - Sylvanas

Vangandr Marauders - Village of Argentum

Vestvagoy - Scimitar Archipeligo 

Viktel Nemesis Outlaws - Arcana Crete

Wrath Misfits - Dark Realm

WTF Marauder - Sins of Passion

Za Outlaws - Skerry of Einar


⚒ Mercenaries

Apex Mercenaries - Bitterblue

Belnend Ibalo Mercs - Ivalo (English & German)

Black Pearls Mercs - Balnakeil

Brigands - Chained Isle

Dark Soul Mercenaries - Dark Castle 

Hades Merc's - Hades Mercs

Marked kaiila Mercenaries - Ven Outlands

Perilous Mercs - Marakile

Prophecy Mercs - Three Moons Valley

Redemption Mercs - VIXEN Hair

Rising Sun Mercs - Three Moons Valley

Siedlung der Viltur Mercs - Amethyst Island (English & German)

S&T Mercenaries - Tule (English & Italian)

Southern Cross Mercs - Qamar Beach


⚒ Pirates

Black Shark Pirates - Moorland Bay (English & German) 

Black Skull Island - Black Skull Island (English & German)

Black Wrath Pirates - Land of Kamras (English & Italian)

Dark Crimson Pirates - Ven Outlands

Calico Pirates - Calico Cove

Pirates of Tyros - TYROS ISLE

Soulless Pirates - Talbot Isle 

the Black Flag - Isle of Gortuga (English & German)

The Brethren Pirates - 0 0 Absolute

Zylassa Pirates - Village of Gimli


⚒ Cities & Villages

Askari Village - Tule

AziLou - Sleepless Land

Asperiche City - Tharnock Highlands

City of Einar - Skerry of Einar

Couthy Estate - Tharnock Hills

Delka Harbor - The Northern Forests 

Fjordholme - Fjordholme

Forgotten Forest - Jumanji

Founders Cove Village - Silent Running 

Gorean Lands of Shady - Shady

Hibari - Hibari

Hidden Forest - Hidden Forest

Kalana Cove Village - Kalana Woods

Land of Kamras - Land of Kamras

Maelstrome Free Hold - Planet

Mead Drinking Maniacs - Serena Avalon

Nordheim - Dawn of Souls 

Port of Cyprian - Port Cyprian

Port City of Ven - Ven Badlands

Port Genesia - HoE

Port Kamba - Sunrise

Pen Lann - Baby Talk (English & French)

Siba Village - Siba

Sinners Cove - Isle of Sin

Skaldar's Crossing - Mahogany 2 (English & German)

Søtvann City - Marakile

Tasta Temple - TASTA

   The Free Port City of Decadence Island - Seabourne

The Isle of the Two Scimitars - Isle of Scimitar

Tharna City - Tharna City

Tule's City - Tule (English & Italian)

Valparaiso - Valparaiso

VIDREW PATHS - Three Winds South

Village of Horknir - Sun Atoll (English & German)

Village de Hunjer - Scagnar Hunjer

Village  of Sable - Teletus 2

Yorokobi - Yorokobi

Port Kamba - Sunrise

Zjadfa Arma's Village - Skerry of Einar


⚒ Torveslanders

Bolverk Vikings - Skjern

Hersir Vikings - Invidious

Hlidskjalf Vikings - Stanwood

Se'Vardi Vikings - Infernia

Vigridr - Psilocybin


⚒ Traders

Black Star Traders - Teletus

Garrison Outpost - Panther Ridge

Hulder Heights - North Keep

Korat Trading Post - Bound Pixie

Laurius Tradepost - North Azuria

Mystic Fire Traders Camp - Mystic Fire

Sa'ng Lina Trade Co - Marakile

Sana-Torvis Foresters - Shore Park Island

Tres Luna Trading - Marakile


⚒ Mambas

Rawr Mambas - Korohoa Leaf


⚒ Kurii


⚒ Panther/Taluna Camps

Black Mamba's - Tharna Woods

Damu Kabila Blood Tribe - Isle of Sin

De' Se' Voni Panthers - Ven Badlands

Dijan  Panthers - Lake Ias

Hasai'enya Mor - Ven Outlands

Hiute Talunas - Ven Outlands

Hiute Talunas - Bound Pixie

Jan'Tiri me Dukmi Talunas - Kittens Cradle

Kar'Sa'Hesa Panthers - North Azuria

Kh'rees Ikerei Tribe - Naias (English & French)

Ki Nadu Panthers - Mahogany 2 (English & German)

La Luma Ak'am - La Luma 

Luna Jerag Tribe - Lake Ias 

Mah lee Kah Panthers - North Azuria

Mita Canta Panthers- Sardar

Mojave Mi'kmaq Tribe - Baby Talk

Ni'ta Hesa Talunas - Land of Kamras (English & Italian)

Pa Ri Tor - Panther Ridge

Sa di Sani - Village of Gimli

Sa Fora Tribe - Shore Park Island

Sa'Dina & Tol Acharn Panthers - Mystic Fire

Sa'ng Sar talunas - Dark Castle

Sa'ng Lina Panthers - Rarius Highland

Sa Jerag Talunas - Lovers of Gor

Sa Me Arquana Tribe - Mahogany 2 (English & German)

Sa Nahele Panthers - Ven Badlands

Sa Tor Tribe - Vosk Delta Region (English & French)

San Sa Veck - Hrimgar

Sa'jesuil Panthers - Aria Hills

Sa Sa'ng Hrimgar - Hrimgar

Sa'Vella Panthers - Fields of Gimli

Tasta Temple GOR - TASTA (English & Russian)

Thar Zevar - Primus

Toki Aka'am Tribe - Shore Park Island

Tribal - Tribal Land

no rules exept: be gorean, no public access

Tri'Moon Panthers - Panther Bluff

Tri Shena Panthers / Sisters of Hura - Marakile

Tu'atha Mor Panthers - Tathassa

Valkyrie Torva Panthers - Valkyrie Forest

Var Viverra She Panthers - Tathassa

Wa Ngao Talunas - Jungles of Gor

Zima Ak'am Panthers - Sunrise


⚒ Wagon People/Nomad's

Alar Laager - HoE

Kataii Wagon Camp - Sunrise

Tujuks Nomad's - Kittens Cradle


⚒ Pygmies


⚒ Open Arena Sims

Goram Sparring Grounds - 0 0 Gilolo

Steel Core -
Steel Core


Gimme the stuff i like :P

★Boots from Kookie (Free Gift With Group Tag)

★Outfit from Maai (Free Gift With Group Tag)

★Sweater from [NEEDFUL THINGS] (Free gift - The Coffee Hunt)