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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The Great Trading Route of Gor - S'ang Gretuk Panther Grounds

Me and Lady Candace Kuhn of the Black Pearls have been on a quest across Gor. She hired my scribe’s skills to help gathering information for a public census and establishing the first Great Trading Route of Gor (GE). The idea is fairly simple: a network of pathways and stoppages used for the commercial transport of cargo. This cargo is not only made of captives and slaves, but also other goods that are essential for the everyday of all households across Gor. Will this actually promote the role-play in Gor (GE)? Who knows! This is what I know: I am absolutely enjoying building up this story-line and you are welcome to be part of it.

Sa`ng Gretuk Panthers - Obsessions Sim
The S'ang Gretuk Panthers have been in Gor for 10+ years and it has been part of the GE Maps almost since the very beginning. I never had the opportunity to actually visit the tribe and have a decent role-play with them until last week.

Sa`ng Gretuk Panthers - Obsessions Sim

We made our way to the panther grounds, and after we told them our reasons to be there and how it could actually benefit the tribe, I was pleasantly surprised with a warm welcome. Not only we had a big ol’ time (not that kind of “time” you are thinking), but we also gathered helpful information for the quest. The S'ang Gretuk is the only tribe residing in the Topanga Canyon region, where their main camp is located. Their backyard stretches to another region called Obsessions. Both sims are beautiful designed in its simplicity and it’s easy to get around and to raid. The forest sim, Obsessions, has plenty of land to explore and with active volcanoes and tornadoes (yes, I said tornadoes), you will have a great time here. Improve your bow skills by doing a little bit of hunt in the forest but make sure those arrows don’t go too far or the huntresses might come after you.

Sa`ng Gretuk Panthers - Tornado Activity in Obsessions Sim
If you are looking for role-play, role-play you will get. Look for the trade bell near the tribe’s camp and wait for reply. The huntresses might intimidate you at first but if you are not a threat to them, you should be able to engage an interesting conversation. Some of the tribe members have been around for years so you might end up learning a thing or two. The tribe has 30+ members and during peak hours from 9 to 2 SLT, you should find someone in the region to play with. They trade, they raid, and they are rather fascinating for their unique characters. 

Sa`ng Gretuk Panthers - Sa`ng Gretuk Camp in Topanga Canyon Sim

Under no circumstance you should use this post for in-character knowledge. Visit the location to start your own story-line however if you want some of the information that me and Candace has been gathering, feel free to write us a letter or meet us for a quick scene.
You say there is no role-play in GE? You are wrong. You just need to get out there and find it.

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