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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pew's Essay 5 - Examples of Lower Castes and their roles in Gorean Society


Low Castes like the Caste of Fishermen, Winemakers, Bakers and Butchers are strongly connected. Without the workers of these Castes, Gorean Society would be a very harsh place to live in. They provide the "fuel" to the warriors, physicians, scribes and builders allowing them to do their work properly. From all of these Castes mentioned above, perhaps the Caste of Butchers is the one to highlight. They are responsible for maintaining the majority of the Gorean industries involved with food service. Without them, Gorean currency would not exist and people would live like savages just trying to survive. These Castes make Gor a civilized and prosper place to live and every single one of them has a great importance.
Another Low Castes i personally find very important are the Caste of Municipal Servants and Caste of Sailors. These two should of be, perhaps, part of the High Caste of Warriors.  The Caste of Municipal Servants is concerned with providing various public services to the inhabitants of a particular city or village. Inside this Caste we can find a sub Caste: Guardsmen. This caste is responsible for patrolling the city or village streets, arresting those who violate local ordinances and laws, and insuring the general well-being of the citizenry. They are the Gorean equivalent of a police force. They have no caste colors, and typically wear uniforms provided them by the city or village in which they work, in that settlement's traditional colors giving them a great importance on the maintenance of a city/ village life. In the other hand the Caste of Sailors provide much information about Water Navigation. Many battles are won due to this service the Sailors do.
Finally the one last Caste i believe has the importance deserved: Caste of Rence Growers. This is another Caste that should be included in the High Caste of Builders or Warriors. This is the caste of those who dwell in the various marshes and swamps of Gor, and who harvest Rence (a Gorean plant similar to Earth rice). They reside on great floating man-made islands amidst the marshes and are highly territorial and secretive. Known for their adoption and usage of the "Peasant Bow" in combat. The knowledge Rence Growers has is much needed either to Builders or to Warriors. The skills in using and making the Peasant Bow is another step to win a battle.
All Low Castes, in my opinion has their contribution to the world. Some lower then others but every single one of them make our world a pleasant and civilized place to live so no High caste should look down to the Low Castes but yes being grateful for their existence. Slave Owners should use their properties to help in the different tasks, however, being a slave you must know your place, like knowing to not touch certain objects and ask permission to their owners for every move they make that its not the one instructed by their owners. Slaves can be very productive if the Free treat their Slaves well but never forgetting that they are simply properties. A Happy slave is a productive slave and a productive slave makes the Owners business go well.

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