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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pew's Essay 4 - Sub Castes of High Castes


Caste of Builders
In the Caste of Builders we can find the Sub Caste of Architects, Sub Caste of Engineers, Sub Caste of Inventors and Sub Caste of Draftsmen.  Architects are trained in the planning, design and oversight of the construction of buildings as the inventors focus their work in creating new and better tools to make every days life easier to all goreans. In the other hand, inventors are the ones with "intellectual domination" over the inventive process working many times together with Architects. Draftsmen are  artists skilled in technical drawing. The 'skill' is to draw complex instructions precisely and accurately. The 'art' is to arrange that information in an organized way which is also easily readable. To bring all the marvels of Gor an engineer is extremely important to the Builders Caste. They are professionals practitioner of engineering, concerned with applying scientific knowledge, mathematics and ingenuity to develop solutions for technical problems. Among many others all these great minds work together to create physical and engineering marvels of Gor.
Low castes like The Caste of Artisans could be easily fit in this high Caste however they focus on any production of hand-made goods, no matter its use, is considered by the typical Gorean to be a work of art, this caste is very broad indeed but more to the ones with first knowledge and dedicated to labor work. 


Caste of Warriors
Fifth and lowest of the High Castes. This caste includes infantry, tharlarion cavalry, and tarnsmen. They are known to have one of the strictest sets of caste codes in use on Gor. Members of this caste comprise the military branch of Gorean government. However castes like the Low Caste of Guardsmen is responsible for patrolling the city or village streets, arresting those who violate local ordinances and laws, and insuring the general well-being of the citizenry. They are the Gorean equivalent of a police force. They have no caste colors, and typically wear uniforms provided them by the city or village in which they work, in that settlement's traditional colors. This and others Low Caste does not fit in the High Caste because of the short training that is given to them. All members of the Caste of Warriors are subjected to a long and hard training making them the edlit in specialized forces to protect a city or village.


Caste of Physicians
Fourth of the High Castes. This is the caste of those who concern themselves with the healing arts. Sub Castes like surgeons, apothecaries, medical researchers and health practitioners are all members of this caste making every one of these fields touching the different areas of research to give a better and healthy gorean society. Several other low castes like waste collectors, pot makers, winemakers, weavers and such works closely to the High Caste of Physicians to attend all their needs but once again, these low castes are more focus in hard field labor leaving the High Caste members more turned to the intellectual work.

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