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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Roleplay Etiquette


Post in turns.
This should be obvious. You have your turn to post, then once you have posted, it is the next person's turn. This means no buckshot posts split into five lines, but a single, coherent paragraph. In larger groups, this can get confusing, but an easy way to keep order is to simply remember the two people who came before you. This way you can prepare yourself for your post.

Be considerate when joining and leaving a scene.
Don't just run up and post something, wait to see what is happening before you add anything. If you want to be included in post order, perhaps post waiting to see what is going on before reacting in any way, as a lure to be added to the RP. When leaving, stick around (unless logging/TPing or in a hurry) to make sure that nobody tries to stop with you or interact with you any more, remember, RP is about the story you tell, not cutting a scene off because you want the last word!

Abide by limits.
If you think a person's personal limits are silly, always remember that there is someone who thinks yours are too! If they are an issue, excuse yourself from the scene or try to talk to them, calmly about the limit in question.

Stay IC in local, even if you dislike where the RP is going.
  Remember, we are all adults! If you have a concern, IM the other participating members and vocalize it in a calm way. Be prepared to communicate, rather than causing drama. Nobody is a mind reader, and we all make mistakes!

Start story lines.
The best thing about RP is letting events unfolding now affect your story later. It's all like a book YOU get to write, and one that is about you.


Do not godmod/powergame.
Godmoding/powergaming is being unbeatable in RP fights/ in any other RP oriented aspect. Look, your bow stats are interesting and all, but your character is not defined by the amount of RAM you have. Play with some realism.

Do not metagame.
Profiles are awesome for gaining information, but that does not give you the right to use that information in a roleplay without first putting in the time to get it IC. The same goes for any information learned out of character.

Do not try and invalidate a scene because you were the 'loser'
Everybody wins, and everybody loses. Only assholes cry like children because someone else came out on top. Suck it up and move on.

Do not hide behind limits.
If you act fearless in a scene because your limits say no death or dismemberment, etc, then you are hiding behind them. That is poor RP. Aim for reality, emotional or otherwise, despite your limits.

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Very good article. I will practice all of this.