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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Gorean Meter & GM Crafting System Step by Step

I came across of a lot of people that still is confused or don't know exactly what to do to start off playing with the GM Crafting System and if your one of them, this is for you.

To start, you must have 3 essential tools:

The Gorean Meter (You should be easily find a meter giver any gorean sims supporting the GM system)
The Gorean Server (Get one at - Just follow the red beam)
The Crafting HUD (Get a copy of the HUD in the Gimli Trading Station at

Unpack your GM Crafting HUD Box and wear the Crafting HUD. You should receive a updated box so repit the process and wear the last version of this HUD that was sent to you.
You should see this in your screen:

...and now its time for you to make a decision and pick the role you want.
It has been a lot of controversy about how useful the GM items are but if your into combat, Bandages will be most usefull and valuable item you can craft so if this is your case proceed to choose "Healing".
If you wish to see other options and have an idea of what you will be able to craft visit:

As you have chosen your role your HUD will reset and kick you back to Level 1 of the skill you choose.
The upper row of the Crafting HUD shows the same items that you have in your Gorean Meter Inventory (Click the GM HUD > Click "Inventory").
The second row shows the items you can craft in the present Level you are in. If you click these items it will show the ingredients that are needed to craft it.

You can only train one skill, if you decide to change roles in the Crafting System you will start again from Level 1 (You can change skill type by clicking the skill label).

Go to a sim where the Gorean Meter is activated and open the Server Box you got in Gimli. Rezz your Gorean Server and make sure you have the sim owners permission to do it so. As you explore your Gorean Server you can find several options:

 Get Item - Use it to grab items out of your server. 

Users - Use it to add or remove a list of people that can access your server. 

Settings - Set a name to your server or turn on the option where Users in same group can take multiple items (Group mode on). 

Inventory - Shows all the items stored in your server. 

Factory - Where you control, produce and manage the factories of your server. (You have 3 options here: Select Type - set the factory you want and start producing; Progress - Will tell you the status of your factory; Pack - Will pack the items that are ready)

Visit the GM website and scroll down to the Healer Section.

Since you are in Level 1, the only objects you are able to craft are SALVE BASE and REP SWABS. For each item you have a recipe that it shows the ingredients needed in your inventory to be able to craft the object in the future.

Lets start with the SALVE BASE. The recipe for the Salve is 1x Oil + 1x Fat + 1x Bee wax and as you explore the factories in the server you will realize the only one you can produce is the OIL so for that click your GM Server > Click "Factory" > Click "Select Type" > Click "Food" > Click "Oil".
By now you set your server to produce the needed OIL.
It will take 3 days to produce one OIL but you will need that time for the next step.

Now, im sure your asking how in the world you can get the rest of the items needed to craft the SALVE BASE? Go back to the GM website
at and scroll down to the TRADER tab.

Here you find listed special supplements that only a TRADER can give to you. In this case the much needed FAT and BEE WAX are in pocession of a trader, so you must find someone that has this special SKILL and ask him/her for these items. Usually you can get this after a good time roleplaying it and trade out any items or even pay with coins for the items you need (Click the GM HUD > Click "Inventory" > Click the item you wish to trade > Click "Trade")

As you get them, the items will be transferred into your GM Inventory slots (Click the GM HUD > Click "Inventory").

You have now in your possession 1 OIL, 1 FAT and 1 BEE WAX. Proceed to wear your crafting HUD and make sure the materials you have in your GM Inventory are showing in the First Row of your Crafting HUD (If you dont see all the items, Refresh using the flip blue arrow).

Now you are ready to craft a SALVE BASE! Click the SALVE BASE button on the second row of the Crafting HUD and choose CRAFT. As you complete this step the Salve Base will be showing in your GM Inventory.

For you to level up in your skill, you must craft 10 items of the level you are in. Lets imagine that you are in Level 2 and want to reach Level 3 and you keep crafting objects of Level 1 it wont level you up, you must craft the items of the current level.

Note that as more you craft the more you will need different type of materials. Some you will be able to produce in your server as you level up but others you will have to team up with another person holding a different skill (Blacksmith, Brewer, Weaver and Trader).

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